Jon Snow Experiences 'Seismic Shift' in Game of Thrones Season 7

Kit Harrington as Jon Snow in Game of Thrones

Actor Kit Harington has revealed some new details about the upcoming season of Game of Thrones and his character Jon Snow. With the seventh season of the mega-hit fantasy/drama HBO series premiering July 16, the shows stars have been slowly revealing information about the super short, action-packed season while also keeping fans in the dark.

With season eight concluding the show, there's a different air surrounding the season seven premiere that the world-wide phenomenon is creeping its way to an end. From the stunning trailers its clear that this season is going to be different with tighter storylines, fast paced action that will bring characters together and a definitive endgame for the series. One of those characters is Harington's Jon Snow - the bastard of Winterfell turned King of the North - who is set for an exciting new season filled with white walker warfare, the complicated politics of Westeros and maybe even some dragons.

In a new interview with Time, Harington tells all about the new season and the "seismic shift" Jon will experience during the seven episode run. Here is what Harington said about beings cast as Jon and the shift in his character:

I think I was picked to be Jon Snow because there’s quite a lot of me in Jon Snow. When I read it on the paper, I knew there was something in it like me. I’ve spoken to David and Dan and they said that when I came in and read, the feeling in the room was that I was that part and that part was me. How they envisioned Jon Snow — they found, hopefully the right person for it. How I’ve shaped him over the years, I always felt it was going to be a long journey, it was always going to be eight years in my mind. So you want that character to learn and learn and learn, and then develop. I’m really happy this year, and I hope it comes across.

I didn’t think about it really, really long-term — you take every scene as it comes. But there were times early on where I felt what I was doing with the character was wrong. I made mistakes and felt that he wasn’t interesting enough. That sounds weird, but I’ve never been quite content with him. Maybe that’s what makes him him. That angst. He could be a bit too morose, he didn’t quite go there emotionally. But once you’ve made those choices, that character is that character. You just look like an actor wanting to change the character if you then go back and betray what your first instincts were. So I’m more happy with Jon than I’ve ever been before. This year there is this huge seismic shift where all of what he’s learned over the years, suddenly… He’s still the same Jon, but he grows up.

Kit Harrington as Jon Snow in Game of Thrones

Harington also commented on the end of Game of Thrones, which he has had many theories about just like the the series' dedicated fan base, but he's in dark just like everyone else when it comes to the end of the series and what is going to happen to Jon Snow. Here is what he said:

I had certain theories and things up until this last year, so many theories. As a group of people, we do theorize a lot; long hours in the green room. I am so excited to receive next year’s scripts, because I genuinely have no idea. [For my performance,] I shouldn’t be trying to endgame. He doesn’t know the end, I don’t know the end — he’s living it bit by bit. But I can’t wait to read it. I feel like it’s going to be one of those things where they get us into a room to read them, so there’s no leakage.

It's unknown when the eighth and final season of Game of Thrones will air, as just yesterday the showrunners were teasing their progress on piecing the story together. Between now and then, there will certainly be no shortage of fan theories speculating about what will happen. Like Harrington, many will be excited to finally get a chance to see the end after being invested in the Westeros for all these years.

Game of Thrones season seven premieres on Sunday, July 16th at 9 P.M. on HBO.

Source: Time

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