Iron Fist's Jessica Henwick Returning for Game of Thrones Season 7

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Iron Fist star Jessica Henwick confirmed that she will be returning to her role as Nymeria Sand for the seventh and penultimate season of Game of Thrones, set to air this summer.

Ever since she made an appearance as one of the Sand Snakes on Game of Thrones, Jessica Henwick's career has taken a turn to prominence. Prior to the season's release, she had booked a minor role as one of the X-wing pilots during the finale of Star Wars: The Force Awakensbut her big casting came when she landed the major supporting role of Colleen Wing in Marvel and Netflix's Iron Fist series. Henwick was considered a major bright spot in an otherwise mixed bag first season, and it's been confirmed that her character will return for the big crossover series The Defenders this summer.

With such a busy schedule and Iron Fist/Defenders taking up months of her availability, it was unclear whether Henwick would be able to return to her GOT role by the time shooting for season seven came around. According to an interview the actress recently gave to EWshe was unsure herself whether her character would have to disappear from the show altogether:

“I wasn’t able to do it. My schedule clashed. I was filming Iron Fist for six-to-seven months and they wouldn’t give me the time off. [GoT] was so massive for me in terms of my career and building my profile and as an experience in itself, I wanted to return. [A GoT producer explained], ‘It’s really important that you come back otherwise your character will just disappear.’ So I spoke to Marvel and I managed to get a release. I literally was flying back and forth while I was doing Iron Fist in New York to Belfast, even during Christmas break.”

Jessica Henwick in Game of Thrones

Henwick's dedication to the role that gave her a big break made her busy schedule even busier, but Nymeria Sand will indeed appear in the highly anticipated seventh season of the show. The fierce warrior character had a major role during season five's detour to the land of Dorne, when Jamie Lannister and Ser Bronn traveled to rescue Cersei Lannister's daughter Myrcella. She only appeared in brief moments of season six, as Dorne allied with the broken Tyrell house and Daenerys Targaryen's charge towards the Iron Throne.

Some critics had problems with the portrayal of the Sand Snakes in the fifth season, but the return of the people of Dorne is vital in this upcoming War for the Iron Throne. Everyone has to be involved, and blood will certainly be shed when the series makes its return this summer.

Game of Thrones season seven premieres on Sunday, July 16th at 9 P.M. on HBO.

Source: EW

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