Game of Thrones Actor Hints At Bronn's Loyalty to Tyrion

[SPOILERS for those not caught up on Game of Thrones ahead.]


According to Game of Thrones actor Jerome Flynn, fans of the partnership between Tyrion Lannister and infamous sellsword Bronn needn't be too disheartened by the fact the duo are currently fighting on opposite sides. The most recent episode of Thrones - "Spoils of War" - saw Bronn's Lannister army happily transporting their newly acquired gold after the massacre of Highgarden. Their joy was short lived however, as the Mother of Dragons herself arrived to utterly decimate the Lannister troops in a storm of flame, with her Hand Tyrion watching the assault nearby.

Although they may have been fighting for opposing forces on this occasion, Tyrion and Bronn once forged a friendship that quickly garnered an enthusiastic response from Game of Thrones fans. With both characters known for their quick wit and cutting humor, Bronn and Tyrion developed one of the show's most endearing partnerships - and although their political allegiance would eventually divide them, the duo didn't part on hugely bad terms.

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In an interview with Game of Thrones network HBO, Bronn actor Jerome Flynn has hinted that he and Tyrion's relationship may yet live on, despite the recent battle in which Flynn had a giant crossbow pointed towards Tyrion's Queen. Asked whether Bronn felt more allegiance to Tyrion or current partner Jaime, the actor replied:

"He doesn’t have total disregard for Jaime, but he has a bond with Tyrion that’s hard for him to ignore. And the connection they’ve made with their sense of humor. If Bronn’s got a fondness for anybody in the world, I’d say Tyrion is probably close up there. He sees him as an underdog like himself."

Peter Dinklage as Tyrion Lannister and Jerome Flynn as Bronn in Game of Thrones

With Daenerys Targaryen inching closer to King's Landing by the episode, Flynn's comments seem to indicate that if Bronn and Tyrion ever met again - either on the battlefield or off it - their previous friendship and time together would certainly come into play. Additionally, if the duo were ever to lock swords, Flynn's assertion that Bronn is more fond of Tyrion than anyone else suggests that the man infamous for "following the money" could have some moral qualms about executing one of Cersei's most wanted.

Not only was the on-screen partnership of Bronn and Tyrion a popular one with viewers but their story arc is arguably somewhat unresolved, given Tyrion's swift exit from King's Landing. Both characters are intelligent enough to realize that they are mere pawns in a game being played by others and will surely put any outstanding personal transgressions to one side, in order to recognize the strong bond they once had.

With that said, there are precious few episodes of Game of Thrones left to air and with so much material left to cover - including Jon's potential romance with his Aunt Dany - there may simply not be enough time in which to do a Tyrion and Bronn reunion justice.

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Game of Thrones continues with "Eastwatch" on Sunday, August 13th.

Source: HBO

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