Game of Thrones Posters Commemorate Major Events in Season 7

[SPOILERS for those not caught up on Game of Thrones ahead.]


HBO's 'Beautiful Death' series continues, recreating two of the most infamous moments from season 7 of Game of Thrones. Following the lead of George R.R. Martin's incredibly descriptive books, Game of Thrones made a name for itself early on with lavish depictions of death and violence. And while the series has changed and shifted over the years, that tendency has remained. Proving it hadn't lost a step in the extended interval between seasons, the first episode of season 7 kicked off with Arya laying waste to every Frey who mattered. Not only did it reaffirm the show's M.O., but it provided viewers with a gruesome reminder of Arya's arc.

While the rest of episode one and much of episode two focused on setting things up for the remainder of the season to come, last episode ended with a bang. After Euron's clownish entrance in the season 7 premiere, he proved his skills as a bloodthirsty warrior by destroying Yara's fleets and capturing her, Ellaria Sand, and one of the Sand Snakes. Meanwhile, the gruesome battle left two Sand Snakes dead and provided the Game of Thrones episode's biggest talking point. Now, both Euron's attack and Arya's revenge have been given lush new life.

HBO is continuing its 'Beautiful Death' series with artist Robert Ball as he recreates some of the most intense moments from the first two episodes of Game of Thrones season 7. Check them out:

Beautiful Death 7:1 #GameofThrones #beautifuldeath Rivers of blood

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Beautiful Death 7:2 went a bit Warlords of Atlantis #GameofThrones #beautifuldeath

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The first, titled 'Winter Came for House Frey', shows that the North Remembers through Arya, as she takes down many of those responsible for the Red Wedding. The second comes from the closing moments of last Sunday's 'Stormborn', showing ships clashing, fire spreading, and a kraken battling two snakes.

With the White Walkers coming and Dany going to war with Cersei, there should be plenty of fodder for Ball's art during the rest of the season. And given how the last episode ended, it's likely this Sunday could see one or more queens doling out some lethal justice on Game of Thrones.

Between the dragons, the others, and the many battles brewing around Westeros, this season and next will bring some catastrophic and heart-wrenching deaths. From massive conflicts to intimate deaths for characters we've been following for years, the final batch of episodes will see a number of people coming to bow before the Many-Faced God.

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Game of Thrones continues next Sunday with ‘The Queen’s Justice’ @ 9pm on HBO.

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