Game of Thrones Season 6 TV Spot: The Wait is (Almost) Over

“Whoever you are, wherever you go, someone wants to murder you....” With five days to go (at the time of writing this) the latest season 6 TV spot for HBO's hugely popular Game of Thrones has dropped, opening with this ominous quote that hints at the colossal events audiences have been teased with since the beginning of this season's marketing campaign.

This 30 second, fast paced trailer (shown above) drives home this message with many of the same tantalizing clips seen in previous Game of Thrones season 6 trailers. That is, with a few unseen exceptions.....

Game of Thrones season 6 will mark some major changes to the previous five installments, seeing as its the first season to overtake author George R.R. Martin's published source novels - exploring yet to be published material and following threads that branch out from diversions to the books' narrative. The development of Bran Stark's warging abilities will also allow for more creativity within the narrative format this season, as flashback sequences to past events can now be fully utilized to enhance the storytelling, adding meaning that could only be suggested in the past.

Game of Thrones fans will already be theorizing wildly about the few exciting clips released in recent trailers and their meaning. It would seem the objective of this latest offering is simply to up the ante before the season premiere with the faster pace, malevolent soundtrack and highly quotable sentence from Tyrion (Peter Dinklage). Under scrutiny (which is what GOT fans do best) there are a few brief glimpses of new footage, such as the first shot of Dorne and Ellaria Sand (Indira Varma), Daenerys (Emilia Clarke) suffering a blow from a Dothraki whip, the shadow of a dragon over what appears to be the Dothraki horde, a menacing amount of white walkers and the finishing shot of a dragon's face appearing from the dark with fiery wrath - putting Tyrion's safety into question.

Isaac Hempstead Wright and Max von Sydow in Game of Thrones Season 6

Although these new snippets are cruelly short, this is to be expected at this stage in the game where a balance between enticing an audience wary of off book changes whilst maintaining suspense must be achieved. The footage we have seen at this point has been cleverly chosen to hint at some of the developments fans are desperately hoping for, such as a Northern uprising, answers about the past and more dragon action. They also appear to deliberately mislead in typical Game of Thrones marketing style, fueling the fear for beloved characters lives - although no amount of shots of Jon Snow's corpse will be enough to quell the stubborn fan disbelief about that particular event.

In a matter of days, the epic wait will be over, some of the big questions will be answered and no doubt new ones will have arisen. Without the security blanket of the books to consult when the suspense becomes too much, the fan reaction to Game of Thrones season 6 will no doubt be a roller coaster of emotion that the showrunners will have anticipated and gleefully exploited. Season 6 could predictably be the most explosive to date.

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Game Of Thrones season 6 premieres April 24th on HBO.

Source: HBO

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