It’s been a long six months since Game of Thrones bowed out its fourth season with the highest ratings of any season finale so far. Production on HBO’s hugely popular fantasy drama series has been ongoing since this summer, but until now there’s been little to no marketing for the upcoming season from HBO.

One character who won’t be returning in season 5 is Bran, since the season 4 finale saw him catching up to his storyline in George R.R. Martin’s book series and therefore progressing it any further would be launching him too far ahead of the other characters (as well as spoiling what Martin is currently writing). Despite this, Bran’s old friend the Three-eyed Raven is being put at the center of a new promotional website for Game of Thrones‘ fifth season.

Playing on the idea that the Three-eyed Raven offers visions of the future, the mystical bird can now be found at, where it offers to give Game of Thrones fans a preternatural ability to glimpse what will happen in the days of Thrones to come. Somewhat hilariously, the Raven then offers to deliver these omens via either Twitter or SMS. It’s basically a very elaborate way to get more people following the official Game of Thrones Twitter account, but at least its arrival was accompanied by the very first teaser for Game of Thrones season 5 (above).

Game of Thrones three eyes raven Game of Thrones Season 5 Teaser & Viral Site

The teaser is very brief, showing a clip Arya Stark and a few out of context shots, but its a sign that HBO is now ready to start promoting the next season of Game of Thrones. This means that more teasers like this are no doubt on the way, and it may not be too long before we get to see a proper trailer – or at least something that’s more than five seconds long.

The Three-eyed Raven site isn’t exactly elaborate right now; it essentially consist of less than ten pages, all of which are dedicated to either getting hold of phone numbers or getting people to follow the Game of Thrones Twitter account (which creates a kind of bizarre social media ouroboros since the website is being promoted on said Twitter account), but perhaps it will be expanded to include more content in the future.

In the meantime, the main official website for Game of Thrones is still located over at HBO’s site. Keep a close eye on that (and, of course, on Screen Rant) for more news about the upcoming season.

Game of Thrones will return to HBO in 2015.

Source:, HBO

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