'Game of Thrones' Season 2 Trailer: Kings Prepare to Clash

HBO debuts Game Of Thrones Season 2 teaser trailer

It's hard to believe that there is anything more anticipated by HBO subscribers than Game of Thrones season 2. The show is a bonafide hit, and author George R. R. Martin's novels are flying off shelves and converting more and more people into fans of the world of Westeros and its inhabitants.

In that sense, there are going to be some people who see this new Game of Thrones season 2 trailer and already know the delicious tale of medieval politics that are about to play out, while those who haven't read volume 2 of the books - the aptly titled "A Clash of Kings" - will have to glimpse and wonder (with equal if not greater anticipation) what comes next.





When last we left Westeros, King Robert Baratheon was dead and Queen Cersei Lannister had successfully seated her son Joffrey (born of an incestuous relationship with her twin brother) on the Iron throne. However, Joffrey didn't quite obey the way mommy hoped, and ended up lopping off the head of Lord Eddard Stark, inciting a war that led to the secession  of northern Westeros, and Stark's son Robb being crowned "King of the North." Meanwhile, at the northern wall of civilization, Stark's bastard son Jon rode out into the wild lands with his band of brothers to investigate an age-old threat that could spell doom for the entire realm. And while that threat lies at the North end of the world, off the Southern shores grows the threat of princess Daenerys Targaryen and her newborn dragons.

If you had trouble keeping up with the world of Game of Thrones before, season 2 is about to get a whole lot more complicated. Check out the new trailer:

The trailer is narrated by Stannis Baratheon (played by Stephen Dillane), stern brother of the dead king Robert and rightful heir to the throne - a player in the game that has yet to be introduced to the show. The other crowns in the clash belong to Joffrey, Robb, Renly (Stannis' younger brother), and Daenerys - and that's not counting the threat(s) that lies beyond the northern wall, or the many players caught in the middle. Screen time amongst the actors is going to be divided this season, to say the least.

Game of Thrones snagged viewers' attention with its blend of fantasy and soap-drama, but it really is going to be a test in season 2 to see if the casual viewer can keep up with all the people, places and storylines - not to mention, go along with more fantastical elements like magic and mythical creatures that slowly but surely get added to the mix.

No matter how it ultimately goes, right now, the expectations and anticipation remain high.

Game of Thrones season 2 premieres April 2012 on HBO

Source: HBO

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