Game of Thrones Theory: Robin Arryn Is King At The End Of Season 8

The battle for the Iron Throne is nearing its conclusion, as Game of Thrones gears up for a final season - and the question of who will sit upon it is in the front of every fan's mind. But while there are some clear favorites, there's an outlier that no one is talking about: Robin Arryn.

The young Lord of the Vale hasn't played a huge part in the series so far, but that doesn't mean that his story is finished quite yet - Game of Thrones is all about plot twists, after all. As the Lord of the Vale and the leader of one of the Seven Kingdoms, Robin Arryn may be perfectly poised to take the Throne while the rest of Westeros is in chaos... and while it would be a shock for fans, it wouldn't be the most surprising thing to happen in Game of Thrones.

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While he's certainly not a fan favorite choice to ultimately sit on the Iron Throne, it would present a major twist, one that's very fitting for the series, and he could have a more logical path to the throne than any of the other major characters in play.

Robin Arryn In Game Of Thrones So Far

Game of Thrones Robin Arryn

Thus far, Robin Arryn has existed as a side character; a spoiled little boy who is being used by those around him. Fans were introduced to the character in season 1, when he was given one of the more appalling opening scenes in the show: the sight of an eight-year-old still breastfeeding, while on the throne with his mother, Lysa. From there, Arryn is shown to be spoiled, weak, and irrational. His first response to anyone annoying him is to want them thrown out the moon door, and although Sansa attempts to be kind to him, he throws temper tantrums and destroys her snow-Winterfell.

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Robin seems to hate pretty much everyone, and loves to abuse his power, but dotes on Littlefinger (even though he throws Baelish's gift out the Moon Door...). He's easily manipulated, overly emotional, and seems to be the worst possible kind of a ruler. Thankfully for the people of the Vale, he's also pretty much just a figurehead at this point, controlled by Littlefinger as Lord Protector of the Vale (up until his death). The last that was seen of Robin was in season 6, when he was practicing his archery (and needs to practice a lot more) when Littlefinger came to see him - and convince him to send the Knights of the Vale to help Sansa Stark. It would be easy to assume that this would even be the last that we see of him, but there is another option...

Why None Of The Favorites Are Going To Sit On The Iron Throne

Jon Snow and Iron Throne in Game of Thrones

The biggest obstacle between Robin Arryn and the throne, of course, is that there are so many other players who not only have a stronger claim, but who have more intelligence, drive, and determination. It would be much more likely for a fan favorite like Jon Snow or Daenerys Targaryen to win the throne in the end, or even for Cersei Lannister (the current Queen in King's Landing) to keep her seat. However, the idea of a fan-favorite winner might be nice, but it's not necessarily the most likely.

Game of Thrones doesn't do the Hollywood ending, where the good triumph and the bad perish, and it's already been confirmed that the finale will be 'bittersweet'. Jon and Dany sitting on the throne together is far more sweet than bitter - and it's just too perfect to have a fan-favorite win the day. It's also all-but-confirmed that most of the fan-favorite characters will die before the end.

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The Valonqar prophecy predicted Cersei's death after her children's, and the Lannister line ended with Tommen's suicide. Assuming that the prophecy is correct (and it has been so far), a younger sibling will wrap their hands around her throat and 'choke the life' from her before the show ends. As for Jon and Daenerys, at least one is likely to die before the end - for the second time, should Jon be the one who bites it. Even if Jon survives, he doesn't actively want the throne. His journey to becoming both Lord Commander of the Night's Watch and then King in the North was an unwilling one. Out of all the fan-favorites, he is the only one who doesn't want the Iron Throne, he just wants to defeat the White Walkers and go home.

Some others do have a claim to the throne, of course. Gendry, as the son of Robert Baratheon, would be next in line... but lineage doesn't matter (as Robert himself proved when he took the throne by force), and Gendry doesn't have an army, or any real way to prove his claim. Tyrion Lannister has made a point throughout the series of talking about how being a dwarf means he would never truly be accepted as an heir, let alone a King. And Sansa, although capable, has little motivation to return to King's Landing after all that happened to her there.

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