Test Your Game of Thrones Knowledge With Brutally Hard HBO Nordic Quiz

A new Game of Thrones quiz from HBO Nordic may be the hardest you'll ever take on the show. HBO Nordic, the wing of the network based in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Finland, is joining in the effort to make a final marketing push for season 7 of Game of Thrones, ahead of its premiere in July. The overall promotional scheme for the new season has embraced non-traditional content like motion posters ahead of season 7 (which will feature the longest episodes of the show yet).

One piece of content that Game of Thrones has always been good for is online quizzes. A show as richly detailed as Thrones, with no shortage of complex characters and settings, lends itself well to testing fans' knowledge. HBO Nordic just teamed up with a marketing firm that specializes in games to create a new Game of Thrones quiz - and it gives whole new meaning to "You win or you die."

A new online quiz from Leadfamly was recently released online that you can try out for free. It tests your Game of Thrones knowledge episode-by-episode, seeing how long you can survive. The quiz is exceptionally difficult because the instant you get a question wrong, you are "dead" at the hands of King Joffrey and the game is over. Each successive question is related to each corresponding episode throughout the series. Go HERE to play this Game of Thrones quiz.

The questions themselves aren't exactly easy ones, either. In order to "survive" the game for multiple seasons, you will have to possess intimate knowledge of the series, the characters, and all the twists and turns in between. The good news, though, is if you "die" you can simply restart and try again. For many viewers, the game could get easier toward the end, as the most recent seasons of Game of Thrones are certainly fresher in everyone's minds.

Leadfamly is a marketing firm that specializes in "gamification" for its clients, and it certainly didn't hold back in making this Game of Thrones quiz as difficult as possible. The need for a perfect score makes the quiz all the more challenging, and potentially engrossing for Game of Thrones fans as they try to survive the show all the way to the end of season 6.

A quiz as hard as this one could potentially frustrate fans, but it surely won't turn any fans away. Even the most knowledgeable Game of Thrones fans may have trouble remembering all of these disparate details from each individual episode. But the threat of instant death and the prospects of surviving the entire series make this Game of Thrones quiz both incredibly challenging and endlessly addicting.

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Season 7 of Game of Thrones premieres July 16 on HBO.

Source: Leadfamly

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