WTF: Game of Thrones Final Season Getting Official Oreo Cookies

The union between the Starks and the Targaryens is no longer the most surprising alliance in the history of Westeros, as a line of official Game of Thrones Oreo cookies is being released alongside the final season of the show.

Game of Thrones is an adaptation of the A Song of Ice and Fire book series and one aspect of the novels that have been lost in translation is George R.R. Martin's love of describing the food that shows up at medieval banquets, to the point where a cookbook based on the series was released. The lack of appreciation for food has spread to the real world, as Game of Thrones has rarely been used to promote other products as part of co-branding, due to the adult nature of the show.

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It seems that at least one company is willing to swear an oath to Game of Thrones, as ComicBook is reporting that a line of Game of Thrones Oreo cookies is being released to coincide with the upcoming final season of the show. The @CandyHunting Instagram account has also revealed a picture of the packaging of the Game of Thrones Oreos, which shows a black packet bearing the names of the great houses, while the cookie itself seems to be just a regular Oreo.

The official Oreo Instagram page has confirmed that the Game of Thrones Oreos are official, with a video that shows the Oreo name becoming part of the "For The Throne" hashtag.

There are many reasons to love Game of Thrones but one of the most refreshing aspects of the show is that there is absolutely no product placement. There are a lot of shows on television that feature conspicuous shots of the Apple logo on the backs of computers or lengthy scenes of characters enjoying Subway sandwiches, but it was impossible to add any product placement into the land of Westeros.

The lack of internal product placement on Game of Thrones hasn't stopped the show from being heavily merchandised, especially in regards to HBO's own online store and its exorbitant prices for Game of Thrones items. So it's not too surprising to see the show being endorsed by one of the biggest cookie brands in the world. It just goes to show how powerful a name can be in regards to advertising, as Game of Thrones is a show full of horrific violence and bare skin, yet the Oreo people don't mind co-branding with it, as it's also one of the most popular shows in the world.

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The final season of Game of Thrones begins on April 14, 2019.

Source: CandyHunting, ComicBook

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