Watch Game Of Thrones' Night King Sing Drake's 'Passionfruit'

Richard Brake as the Night King on Game of Thrones

YouTube star Lilly Singh has hilariously melded together two seemingly disparate current cultural icons in Game of Thrones' Night King and Canadian hip-hop/rap superstar Drake. The Night King and his army of dead icicles are very slowly marching upon the Seven Kingdoms in the current season of Game of Thrones and next week's episode ("Beyond the Wall") promises to pit a motley crew of brave humans against them, in a mission to capture a White Walker and prove to the people of Westeros once and for all that the threat beyond the wall is real.

YouTube star and comedienne Lilly Singh is well-documented as a Game of Thrones fan and has uploaded several Westeros-themed videos including "If White Walkers Were Teenage Girls" and "If Jon Snow Made A Rap Diss Track" - questions Thrones fans have surely asked themselves at some point. Aside from her comedy, it should be said that Singh's Night King make-up is startlingly close to the real deal, but the antics she gets up to while having it applied is somehow even more special.

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While having an icy makeover for one of her IISuperwomanII channel's White Walker videos (via GameOfThrones.onHBO), Singh recorded a lip-sync to Drake's hit song "Passionfruit" - taken from his recent album More Life. Unable to stay still in the make-up chair for long, the Night King soon gets on his feet and introduces some dance moves to proceedings, as you can see below:

The video is both funny and impressive in equal measure, topped off with a huge helping of creepy thanks to the Night King's sick, strange smile and overly emotive eyes. It's also very disturbing to see Game of Thrones zombie chief put on an air of seductiveness and approach something resembling sensuality. Maybe if Jon Snow saw this, everyone would just be able to put their differences aside?

Of course, everyone knows that if White Walkers ever did take time off from bringing about the complete and utter destruction of every living creature to listen to some music, the likes of Drake would be nowhere near their playlist. Frankly, it would be a shock if the Night King and his minions listened to anything other than Scandinavian Death Metal.

With that said, Singh's Drake lip-sync is a joy to behold, both for fans of Game of Thrones and the rapper, although for some viewers, it'll be difficult to ever look at him in the same way again.

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Game of Thrones continues with "Beyond the Wall" August 20th on HBO.

Source: IISuperwomanII (via Game of Thrones.onHBO)

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