Game of Thrones: Night King Arrested by Norwegian Police

The infamous Night King from Game of Thrones has been arrested by the Trondheim police force in Norway. On HBO’s hit series, the undead ice figure has long tormented residents of Westeros, and was recently captured on camera breaking down an ancient wall while riding a giant dragon.   

Various families rely on tradition and violence to survive in the Westeros region, and it’s not uncommon for residents to form alliances in order to ensure long-term control. After the Night King’s destruction of "The Wall" - which was reportedly built by House Stark’s Bran the Builder - northern locals have been preparing for the Great War, a battle between actual living human beings and the Night King’s Army of the Dead. In the north at Winterfell, Tyrion Lannister reportedly joined forces with House Stark’s Jon Snow, and serves as Hand of the Queen to the “Mother of Dragons,” Daenerys Targaryen. Like the Night King, Ms. Targaryen has been seen riding dragons on multiple occasions, including during a recent getaway with the aforementioned Mr. Snow. In the south at King’s Landing, Cersei Lannister had previously vowed allegiance to the North during the Great War, however it’s unclear if she’s left home after the Night King’s arrest. 

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As confirmed and translated by IndieWire, the Night King has indeed been arrested in Norway by Politiet i Trondheim. Published images show the undead man in police custody, and wearing an orange jumpsuit. The Trondheim police’s night watch reportedly apprehended the Night King, this coming after reports of criminal activity, including “animal cruelty and property damage.” In addition, the Trondheim police also cited “threats to lay vast areas of land desolate.” In a candid arrest photo, the Night King glares at the camera while being hauled away, with his uniquely blue-grey face contrasting the bright orange jail clothing. In another candid shot, the Night King is seen in his cell, seemingly deep in thought with his left leg folded over, probably ashamed for being such a Big Baddie. The official mug shots offer a better look at prisoner #17589, who has noticeable wrinkles and a forehead that resembles a sea of sharks. Check out the official Trondheim police images below.

Night King Arrest
Night King Arrest
Night King Arrest
Night King Arrest

As for those threats to vast areas of land, video evidence suggests that the Night King had been planning to wreak havoc at Winterfell and beyond. Last Sunday, the body of Lord Ned Umber was found at Last Hearth, with the Night King’s unofficial insignia discovered nearby. Over the years, the Night King has been known to send messages through unorthodox outdoors artwork, and it’s unclear whether his latest reported message was meant for residents of the North, or for the rumored “children of the forest,” who are reportedly responsible for the Night King’s bizarre appearance and existence.

Currently, the Night King is still in custody, though he’s known for his ability to evade capture. Bran Stark has reportedly been able to “warg” and interact with the Night King, though he’s been less than revealing about what that actually means. In addition, Bran Stark was recently seen sitting outdoors in his wheelchair for an entire day at Winterfell, and was apparently waiting for “an old friend.” As of now, the residents of the Seven Kingdoms - including those in Winterfell - appear to be safe, though it's been reported that House Stark has familial ties to the Night King, which would open up a giant can of worms, as the saying goes, if true.

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Source: Politiet i Trondheim, IndieWire

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