Game of Thrones Movie In the Works? HBO & George R.R. Martin Deny Report

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Could Game of Thrones eventually make the leap from HBO to the big screen? The possibility has been raised from time to time, with speculation focused on everything from a look at events previously only referenced on the hit fantasy TV show (such as Robert’s Rebellion) to other scenarios that would allow Ned Stark (Sean Bean) and other long-dead characters to return.

A report emerged shortly after Game of Thrones' triumph at the 2015 Primetime Emmy Awards ceremony, claiming that such a project is in fact actively in the works. However, such claims have since been smacked down by both HBO and the creator of Westeros himself.

British tabloid newspaper The Daily Star reported an “exclusive” Tuesday that George R.R. Martin, the author of the Song of Ice and Fire novels that comprise the Game of Thrones source material, had confirmed to a reporter at an Emmys after-party Sunday that a movie was indeed in development. However, the site claims that Martin said he would have no involvement, as he’s too busy finishing the remaining 'Ice and Fire' books, while showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss are keeping the series moving forward. Here are his "quotes":

"There will be a movie but I will not be involved. I have too much to do. That is something HBO and the DB and David are dealing with. I have two more books to finish and I still have so much to do. The pressure is on. I am such a slow writer and the fans get upset that I don’t write faster.”

The Daily Star piece also quoted a “production insider” claiming to have details about the movie’s plot, while also “confirming” the news (reported by dozens of other outlets) concerning the fate of Kit Harington's Jon Snow after the Game of Thrones season 5 finale.


If you were excited about this project, sorry to disappoint you: Buzzfeed News is quoting an HBO rep as saying that “these reports are false. There are no plans for a Game of Thrones movie (at least not yet).” Furthermore, the respected Song of Ice and Fire fan community slammed down the report as well, while Martin himself denied the story on his official blog:

Yes, [the report is] completely false. No one is working on any movie just now. And if there was a movie, it would not be about Robert's Rebellion.

Honestly, there were reasons for skepticism this report even before the denial. A single report from an English tabloid, based on domestic news missed by the entire Hollywood press, is a bit thin. The quotes are somewhat derivative of Martin's reasoning for not writing his customary episode of Season 5.

If a movie were to be made after the series wraps, that’s many years in the future and Martin or the showrunners likely wouldn’t be working on it yet anyway. And while fans have been known to watch Martin’s every move for clues about what’s coming in the Game of Thrones universe, he’s generally not made a habit of spilling the beans and dropping huge bits of news when he shouldn’t.

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Game of Thrones season 6 will premiere on HBO in Spring 2016.

Source: Daily Star, Buzzfeed News, George R.R. Martin

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