Game of Thrones: Melisandre’s Jon Snow Prophecy Will Come True (In The MCU)

Melisandre and Jon Snow in Game of Thrones with Black Knight

Game of Thrones left a lot of story elements unresolved, but one prophecy might actually still come true... albeit in the MCU rather than Westeros. Based on George R.R. Martin's popular novels, the fantasy epic debuted on HBO back in 2011. Though opening with moderate acclaim and buzz from audiences, the show became an outright cultural phenomenon over the course of its proceeding seasons. The show ended with its highly-divisive eighth and final season earlier this year.

Across the years, fans immersed themselves in a saga of political intrigue, violent betrayals, and even more brutal retributions. All set within a world of magic, dragons, and ancient prophecies. A lot of the latter came directly from Melisandre, who had been gifted by The Lord of Light the ability to see the future when looking into flames. The most prevalent of her foretellings came straight from the books and revolved around the emergence of a heroic figurehead known as The Prince That Was Promised. Though the show only dipped its toe in the waters that the novels dive headfirst into, it was still made canonical in various episodes.

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The prophecy first emerged in Game of Thrones season 2 with Melisandre's debut. Believing Stannis Baratheon to be the chosen one, she had him pull a sword from a burning fire. As stated in the prophecy, a legendary hero would retrieve a weapon in such a fashion. Glowing with unnatural light and radiating heat, the sword was known as Lightbringer and forged by the original Azor Ahai centuries before. Eventually, Melisandre would turn her attention to Jon Snow. Now seeing only a blanket of snow in her visions, she believed he rather than Stannis was destined to wield Lightbringer and end the evil threat looming over the land. Her belief led to her even using her abilities to resurrect Jon after he was murdered by fellow Night's Watch members. With Arya Stark ultimately being the one to kill the Night King and end the threat of the White Walkers, however, the full extent of the prophecy was left unfulfilled. Equally, many questioned (and disputed) whether Arya was Azor Ahai reborn. The answers of the prophecy remain up in the air and open for debate. In a humorous way, though, the prophecy might actually be fulfilled by Eternals instead.

Kit Harington and Black Knight in the MCU

As announced at D23 Expo 2019, Kit Harington will play Black Knight in the Phase 4 movie. Known also as Dane Whitman, the Black Knight title is one that, like Azor Ahai, has existed in more than one generation. In the comics, the mantle is both a gift and a curse passed down through the Whitman bloodline since the days of King Arthur and Merlin. As such, Harington's character will very much be a chosen one, fighting alongside Eternals and, one day, probably even the Avengers. Even more than that, although Black Knight's signature weapon is the Ebony Blade, he often wields another - The Sword of Light.

Though The Sword of Light was acquired from a lake rather than a fire, it bears an uncanny resemblance to how Azor Ahai's Lightbringer is described. The powerful mystical properties both weapons are said to have is also eerily similar. Lightbringer was forged and empowered by Azor Ahai plunging it into the heart of his beloved. Although Jon Snow was forced to perform a similar deed by killing Daenerys in the Game of Thrones finale, such a mystical sword never appeared. In 2020, however, there's every chance that it might.

Any connection between Jon Snow, Black Brother of the Night's Watch, and Dane Whitman, Black Knight, is, of course, entirely coincidental, even with them both set to be played by the same actor. But still, fans will no doubt get a kick out of the fact that, in a roundabout and highly-meta way similar to Kit Harington's reunion with Richard Madden (who plays Ikaris in Eternals), Harington will get to act out the fulfillment of destiny in the MCU that he wasn't able to on Game of Thrones.

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