Game Of Thrones: 10 Best Mad Queen Memes

Warning! This post contains major spoilers for season 8 of Game of Thrones.

It's safe to say that Game of Thrones fans are not happy with the total flop in "character development" with Daenerys Targaryen, breaker of chains. For a total of seven seasons, her character was idealistic, reasonable, and all around good. For her to suddenly transform from a just leader into a Mad Queen seems highly unrealistic, even in a fantasy world of magic and dragons.

As upset as we are with Dany's transformation into the Mad Queen, at least the internet has blessed us with some awesome memes as "the only way to find joy in all this misery" in the worst of Lady Oleanna. So without further ado, here are the 10 best GOT memes about the Mad Queen.

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Oh man. If you're unfortunate enough to have named your kid anything that's in relation to the Dragon Queen, you're gonna have a bad time! The same goes for all those who have gotten a Daenerys Targaryen related tattoo. On a show like Game of Thrones, you never know which direction it will suddenly go.

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One minute you will absolutely adore a character and want to tattoo quotes from them on your ankle while naming your babies after them. The next minute you'll be praying for their death. Tyrion's face in the last episode perfectly captures the reaction of people who went a little too far with their love for Dany T and are now starting to regret it.


Jon Snow is that one boyfriend who will defend absolutely everything his girl does no matter how awful because he loves her so much. Talk about loyalty! It's been a bit frustrating for everyone who loves Jon to witness him go out of his way to defend his "queen" who has clearly gone bonkers. After the latest episode when she ignored the sound of the bells which indicated surrender, we won't be surprised if the Bastard of Winterfell still finds a ridiculous way to defend Daenerys after she killed thousands of innocent people.


We all know that classic meme of the little girl eerily smiling as an entire house is engulfed in flames behind her. We couldn't help but be reminded of that meme in the latest episode when Daenerys seems just a-ok burning all of King's Landing to the ground, piece by piece.

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In a way, this is a double meme because the face she is making which was first seen in episode 2 of season 8 when she is condescendingly having "girl talk" with Sansa, has been made into a popular (and hilarious) meme as well. The dragon in the background adds a nice touch!


So this season of Game of Thrones is basically Mean Girlswhere Dany is Regina George, Sansa is Cady Heron, and Jon is Aaron Samuels because he is pretty much the loveable naive dude who is caught in the middle of all the drama. Jon's sisters try hard to convince him that Dany is not one of them, that she's untrustworthy (and most likely doesn't even wear pink on Wednesdays). She is a "mean girl" and Sansa and Arya seem to know this. It all feels very similar to our favorite cult classic film and the whole secret spreading is very "high school" indeed.


Let's be honest, the breaker of chains always looks like a 10/10 queen... except maybe not so much in the most recent episode. We totally get it, when you're trying to rule the seven kingdoms while simultaneously dealing with the recent death of your dragon, your best friend, and that one dude who will do absolutely anything for you, brushing your hair isn't gonna be your biggest concern. But man, Dany T looked rough! This was especially noticeable in the scene when she realized someone had betrayed her, and she looked as disheveled and unkempt as this Barbie Doll. Yet despite this, Emilia Clarke still somehow managed to look gorgeous. How does she do it?


This is basically Daenerys Targaryen in a nutshell after episode 5 of Game of Thrones. The Mad Queen was completely unfazed by the bells as if she never heard them, simply ready to burn the whole place down to the ground in order to get her revenge on every person who has wronged her. We are dying to know how the Mother of Dragons (or should we say Mother of Dragon) will respond to her reckless decision to continue setting fire to the world after the bells began to ring throughout Kings Landing. Unless the Dragon Queen suddenly lost her ability to hear in those moments of the bells ringing, she is going to have a lot of splainin' to do!


This perfectly relates to our response towards Dany becoming the Mad Queen.

We never thought the day would come when Ramsay Bolton would be the one to be in the right, yet low and behold, the Bolton Bastard was right all along. We should have listened. We are so used to "innocent" fantasy franchises such as Harry Potter and Twilight where everyone pretty much bakes a cake with rainbows and smiles and everyone can eat and be happy. At least that's how those series' felt in comparison to George RR Martin's saga. Game of Thrones is no such franchise. If Game of Thrones suddenly had a happy and peaceful ending, it would kind of be like Barney and Friends suddenly turning into a dark murder mystery series. It's just unrealistic, and that is why we shouldn't be so surprised that Daenerys would suddenly turn into the Mad Queen.


This basically sums up Daenerys in season 8 episode 5, who for some reason believe that burning the city to ashes will ultimately save the day and save future generations from the wrath of Cersei. Whether she did this because she is actually the Mad Queen and desperately wanted to seek revenge, or if she genuinely thought killing some innocents would ultimately spare the future of Westeros (The Trolley Problem, anyone?), we will have to wait until the finale episode to find out her true motives.


All Varys wants is for there to be a just ruler in Westeros to serve the seven kingdoms. He is easily one of the wisest and most observant characters on the show (and the most stylish, let's be real), so it is no surprise he basically predicted the Dragon Queen's madness.

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At the beginning of the episode he was writing some letters, and we're almost positive they said something like this meme, complete with a heart at the end. Classic Varys! Always knows the tea before everyone else. Well, except for Sansa of course, who is probably gonna have her big "I told you so" moment in the finale with Jon.


Yeah, this was pretty much the Dragon Queen's logic in the latest episode after Tyrion told her to stop attacking after the bells began to ring. Her reaction was pretty oblivious as though she suddenly couldn't hear the bells, but we all know she certainly could. According to the show's writers, her decision to continue burning everything down was completely spontaneous.

Well, that's it for these memes. What are your thoughts on Daenerys becoming the Mad Queen?

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