Game of Thrones Revealed Littlefinger's Show-Defining Crime A Season Early

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Game of Thrones' Littlefinger has more than his fair share of betrayals under his belt - but only one that changed the course of Westerosi history: the murder of Jon Arryn. While fans didn't learn of this crime in full until the fourth season of the show, the score revealed it a whole lot earlier. The Emmy-winning (and Grammy-nominated) music of Game of Thrones is created by the super-talented Ramin Djawadi, and while any fan will recognize the iconic opening theme, the score also features themes and motifs that tie in to specific characters - and these themes can reveal a little bit about what's to come.

One Redditor (Sam-R) has broken down the musical themes of Game of Thrones by character/location/object, and discovered something a little bit interesting about the music that would later become 'Littlefinger's Theme' - it was originally used for the Lannister conspiracy, which was later revealed to have been orchestrated by Littlefinger all along.

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For those in need of a refresher, Jon Arryn was Hand of the King (and husband to Lysa Arryn) whose death spurred Robert Baratheon to Winterfell to request Ned Stark as his new Hand. In season 1, it was assumed that the Lannisters were the ones who had killed Jon Arryn, because he had discovered that Cersei's children were the product of incest, not the offspring of the King. In the first episode, Lysa Arryn sends her sister, Cat Stark, a letter saying that her husband had been poisoned (although not what he had found out about the Baratheon heirs). From there it is assumed that the evil Lannisters were behind it all. However, in season 4, the truth finally comes out.

Lysa Arryn and Littlefinger on Game of Thrones

Although Jon Arryn had discovered the truth about Cersei's children, the Lannisters were not the ones to poison him. Instead, it was Lysa Arryn herself who put the poisonous Tears of Lys in his wine, and who sent the letter to Cat in order to throw her off the scent and sow discord between the two great houses. She did all this, not of her own accord, but because she was in love with Littlefinger, and the scheming brothel-owner manipulated her into doing it - using her in order to create chaos in the realm for his own ends. This was a huge twist, as it revealed just how much of a schemer Littlefinger truly was, and how far he will go to take the Iron Throne for himself. However, those listening closely to the score could have predicted this a season early.

The theme identified as "Littlefinger's theme" was originally used for the Lannisters, especially when dealing with the conspiracy to kill Jon Arryn. It first appeared when Cat read the letter from Lysa in the first episode, and continued to be used in association with the murder plot throughout the first season. In the second season, it became more of a general-purpose mysterious theme - before becoming connected to Littlefinger completely in season 3, during his incredible "chaos is a ladder" speech.

This speech is all about Littlefinger's plans to create chaos in order to climb onto the Iron Throne himself (although that isn't stated outright when he makes it). The choice to link his musical theme to him only as he makes this speech is a beautiful one. At the time, it seems as though the score is matched to mystery and conspiracy, and it's only in hindsight that it becomes clear that the theme was about Littlefinger all along. Other musical themes in the series may end up revealing something similar, too, so anyone desperate for a little more fan theory fodder may want to re-listen, rather than just re-watch as they wait for the final season to begin.

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