Game of Thrones: Kit Harington Was 'Terrified' Filming Season 6 Battle

Kit Haringston as Jon Snow in Game of Thrones

Kit Harington was terrified when filming The Battle of the Bastards. It may not be clear how the series Game of Thrones will conclude. This is a show with no promise that the good guys will win in the end. It's not always easy to know who the good guys even are. Fans can count on a lot of blood, a lot of sex, and a fair amount of magic. But there is no one protagonist or hero. This is a show where the best of people often die and the worst often thrive - at least for awhile.

But among all the betrayal and murder, there is Jon Snow. One of the few characters who is honestly a good person. He's made mistakes certainly, but they are because of his youth and inexperience and not malicious. And for that youth and inexperience, he has been stabbed, captured, betrayed, and even murdered. But he has also persevered, not more so than during the Battle of the Bastards, when Jon fought to regain his family's homeland and reclaim the North.

According to Jon Snow's portrayer Kit Harington - in an interview with the Belfast Telegraph - out of all the horrifying things that have happened to Jon Snow, it was that battle which scared him the most:

"I've got a few fears, spiders being one of them, but the worst is my claustrophobia - I'm mortally afraid of crowds. I panic. It was one of the most terrifying things and most uncomfortable - 15 bearded Irishmen crushing you.

There was a moment where he could've just lay down and let go of the hell he's in, and sleep, like drowning, but it cuts to the heart of Jon, that he fights his way up to the top"

The real fear that Harington felt probably helped him act the scene, especially the moment when all hope seemed lost. Jon had only a fraction of the number of men that Bolton had, and was not only overwhelmed but absolutely crushed by the larger forces. Things were so bad that he was literally surrounded, and Harington's fear certainly helped make Jon's fear far more realistic.

Now Jon has retaken Winterfell - in spite of his status as a bastard. Other leaders and rulers are listening to him and respecting him for the first time in his life. In some ways, he has never been in more danger. And once the rest of the Seven Kingdoms finds out what only young Bran Stark currently knows - the truth about Jon's parentage and his place in the line of succession for the Iron Throne - the upcoming battles should be even bigger and greater. Harington had better prepare himself for the hordes coming to kill Jon Snow, and prevent him from becoming the King of the Westeros.

Game of Thrones season 7 premieres on HBO on July 16.

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Source: Belefast Telegraph

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