• Nikolaj Coster-Waldau talks Jamie and Bran's reunion in Game of Thrones 1 / 8

    Game of Thrones Jamie Vertical
  • In the season 8 premiere, Jamie finds Bran waiting for him to arrive 2 / 8

  • After he decided to join the North to fight the Night King with Cersei refusing to help 3 / 8

    Cersei And Jaime Lannister In Game Of Thrones
  • This reunites them after Jamie pushed Bran out of a window that crippled him 4 / 8

    Lena Headey As Cersei Lannister In Game Of Thrones
  • Following his discovery of the sibling's forbidden romantic relationship 5 / 8

    Bran from Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 2 Vertical
  • The actor previews that Jamie’s ‘mission changes once again’ after seeing Bran 6 / 8

    Peter Dinklage As Tyrion Lannister In Game Of Thrones
  • Next week, he's presented to Khaleesi as he's punished for his sins to her family 7 / 8

    Game of Thrones Jon and Daenerys Vertical
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