Game of Thrones: 10 Hilarious Memes From The Battle Of Winterfell

Watching The Battle of Winterfell on Game of Thrones was one of the most intense experiences in television history. There were moments of absolute heartbreak (we're looking at you, Lyanna Mormont) and there were moments of utter redemption (don't mess with Arya Stark.) The episode was so iconic, it was no doubt that there would be a ton of memes centered around The Battle of Winterfell crowding the internet the following day. It seems as though Game of Thrones memes are just as mandatory as the show itself because the hilarious online reactions to the final episodes only add to the epic experience for Thrones fans.

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10Thrones Characters In A Group Project

This is 100% spot on. If The Starks were in a group project together, we're almost certain this is exactly how it would all go down. Group Projects are almost always a nightmare because usually half of the people aren't paying any attention to the project—Sansa, Jon, and Bran—while there's that one person who is forced to do pretty much all of the work (love you, Arya). This is a perfect description of how everyone acted during The Battle of Winterfell, which is perhaps the most intense "group project" of all.

9He Can See Into The Future

Okay, it's almost as though George RR Martin and the rest of the writing staff on Game of Thrones were straight up asking us to make this meme on Bran Stark aka the "three-eyed Raven" aka the most useless person during The Battle of Winterfell. Seriously, he could've helped a lot of people but instead, he was all "I have to go now" and we were all, "what the hell, Bran?" and then his eyes rolled into the back of his head like he was Raven Symone about to have a vision. The three-eyed raven is known to have all kinds of different powers including potentially seeing into the future, which makes this meme so spot on.

8Lyanna Mormont Is Too Sassy To Handle

If Lyanna Mormont is going to have any spirit animal representing her, it's going to be this adorable little goat with all the sass of the Head Lady of Bear Island. Although she and the goat are small, they are mighty beyond measure and will fight for what they believe in regardless of the deadly consequences. Lyanna Mormont will be remembered as the sassiest little hero in all of the land, and we will miss her dearly.

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7Kim, There Are People Dying

It takes a lot of courage to air a new episode of a TV show during a new episode of Game of Thrones because TV executives know that pretty much the whole world will be tuned into what's going on in Winterfell. Kim K had the audacity to promote a new episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians during the one and only Battle of Winterfell, and Osha Wildling had some thoughts on this matter. When Kim K lost her earring in the ocean and had a meltdown over it, her sister Kourtney was quick to remind her how she was completely overreacting and that "there are people dying!" Maybe she needs to be reminded again here...

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