Game Of Thrones: 10 Hilarious Anti-Olly Memes

Olly from Game of Thrones

The last season of Game of Thrones is upon us, and fans are on the edges of their seats in anticipation. Everyone is thinking about the endless possibilities for how showrunners will wrap up eight years of war, romance, and betrayal. This show has given us a lot - mostly tears and heartbreaks - but one thing that we'll always be thankful for is the memes. They helped us get through the hiatus between seasons, and are a magical way to cope with the most traumatizing moments in Game of Thrones.

There are endless situations that sparked dozens of quality memes, one of which being the infamous role Olly had in killing Jon Snow at the end of season 5. Let's all take a moment to remember that back then we had to wait for an entire year to know whether or not he was going to survive. So, anti-Olly memes where the only coping mechanism fans had for a long time. In honor of the last season of Game of Thrones, let's revisit the whole conundrum - here are 10 of the most hilarious anti-Olly memes!

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10 Kill The Boy!

Maester Aemon was awesome. Everybody loved him to bits, and he played a pretty considerable part in making Sam and Jon the people they are today. Even though his story was tragic - he was the Mad King's brother, after all - he stayed faithful to the Watch, and served the realm and his brothers for many many years.

He gave Jon a lot of advice, including when he was named Lord Commander - "Kill the boy, Jon Snow" were Aemon's words. While he was probably just telling Jon it was time to man up and put on his big boy pants, fans took his words and twisted them in a fantastic jab at Olly. The maester was just trying to be a good teacher, but fans will forever take these words as a warning for Jon Snow to kill Olly before he got his paws on him!

9 Everybody Sucks Here

One of the things that make Game of Thrones so amazing is how interesting the characters are - even the most awful ones. And Game Of Thrones knows all about horrible characters, right? When Olly took part in betraying Jon and stabbed him mercilessly, he joined the ranks of the most awful people who were ever a part of the show.

Of course, it comes as no surprise fans jumped at the opportunity to compare Olly to people like Joffrey, Ramsay, and Stannis (who made the list after taking part in burning his daughter alive). All of them did terrible things, but Olly took on a very active role in (almost) killing off one of the most beloved characters in Game of Thrones, so...welcome to the club, you are now one of the most hated people in all of Westeros!

8 Looking Good Jon Snow! Would Be A Shame...

This meme format has been around for years, and it never gets old. Mostly because, when applied correctly, it's just too damn funny to ignore. And if there was one thing GoT fans needed after watching Jon Snow being stabbed multiple times, was a good laugh that simultaneously hated on Olly.

This one does it brilliantly. We can still feel the sting of pain when we are reminded of what happened, but there's something about the whole thing that also instills a giggle. It's even better to look at knowing the ultimate fate of Olly, which means this meme will hold value for all eternity - we swear it by the Old Gods and the New!

7 A Man Will Handle It

A man has no name, but a man will also kick some ass if need be. We all remember fondly Arya's first interactions with Jaqen H'ghar, and his promise to kill whomever she named, as long as it was no more than three people. At the time, Jon Snow's impending death was still a couple of seasons away, but that didn't stop fans from wishing Jaqen would come back and take care of Olly the way only he can.

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After witnessing that horrible scene, many of us were ready to track down the man-with-no-name himself and shout Olly's name a fair amount of times... but we had to settle for the prospect of a great meme instead. No regrets, though!

6 Such A Cute Couple! Won't Last Much.

Returning to the meme format that gave us the hilarious "That's a nice Lord Commander you have there...", we now have the version that encompasses our favorite female wildling, Ygritte. Oh yes, it's true - Olly wasn't just responsible for murdering one main character, he also killed Ygritte during the battle between the Night's Watch and the wildlings.

This kid killed more main characters than the Night King, and that doesn't sit well with fans, to say the least. Once again, we all looked to the art of memes to make your pain a little more bearable... and a masterpiece was born!

5 Winter Is Coming

There's a rule when it comes to making memes about Game of Thrones. It's an unspoken one, but it's pretty obvious - if there is a character or situation worthy of being memed, one of the formats will invariably have to include the infamous Stark words "winter is coming". Of course, the absolute disaster that was Olly didn't escape the trend.

And while this meme doesn't include the patriarch and legend, Ned Stark himself, the spirit is still present. Winter still hadn't made its official arrival at Westeros at the end of season 5, but for many fans, looking at the scene of Jon Snow laying on the ground dying, it sure seemed like it did.

4 For The Watch

The brothers who betrayed Jon Snow truly believed they were doing it for the greater good of the Watch. However, their motivations stemmed more from hatred and years of war against the wildlings, than from the wish to keep the Night's Watch the greatest thing to ever exist - well, at least in their eyes, it was.

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They did it for the watch, and none of them shied away from letting Jon know... as they stabbed him. Fans did manage to put a particularly hilarious twist on their words with this meme, implying that all of it, including Olly's betrayal, was done for the watch - the Apple watch! Knowing the character as we do, it isn't hard to believe he'd actually stab someone for one of those. Just saying.

3 No Regrets!

As wrong as it may seem, every single fan of Game of Thrones cheered when Jon Snow was resurrected by Melisandre and hung the ones who betrayed him. Olly was a kid, but boy did it feel like justice was made when we watched him hang! Still, taking another jab at the fact that he also murdered Ygritte, fans came up with this savage potential comeback.

While "no regrets" could be a pretty cool way to go - for anyone really, villain or hero - this meme takes it a step further with a play on words, just to metaphorically stab Jon once more before he goes. Olly has no regrets and no Ygrittes... and neither does Jon.

2 Get Back Here And Burn Him, Damn It!

Jon's apparent demise wasn't the only scarring and heartbreaking moment on the fifth season of Game of Thrones. This, of course, isn't at all surprising, considering the showrunners seem to get a kick off of giving the fans emotional breakdowns. One of these moments was the decision Stannis made of burning his daughter, Shireen Baratheon, alive, with the help of Melisandre.

It was one of the most brutal scenes on television, made so much worse by the fact that Shireen was such a sweet and kind human being, who won the hearts of everyone who watched her. Of course, fans would riot and come to the very smart conclusion that the fair trade-off would be burning Olly, the traitor. Hence, yet another meme was born!

1 Everybody Get Down

Yet another brilliant meme format fans of GoT adopted to express their Olly hate was "the floor is...". This meme felt particularly satisfying because it just depicts justice being served in a pretty funny way. When Jon hung all the brothers who took part in betraying him, there was a universal cheer, and people were particularly fond of that Olly close up.

Of course, once the scene aired, fans wasted no time sharing pictures, videos, and memes of the iconic moment. And if in that moment, the floor was indeed being loyal to their Commander, the betrayers stayed true to their feelings in regards to Jon Snow... until the bitter end. Up they go!

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