Game Of Thrones; Queen Cersei's 10 Most Vicious Quotes

Cersei Lannister is one of the most ruthless monarchs in the Game of Thrones universe. She lusts after blood even more than she does her brother Jaime. Whether politically motivated or in the name of good, old-fashioned revenge, Cersei thrives on destruction. Though she's shown glimmers of a soft side, Cersei is a cold, brutal villain.

Then why do we love her so much? Because she speaks her mind. She's always armed with a poisonous barb for anyone, be they friend, foe, or lover. From the Queen of Mean's mouth to our ears, here are Queen Cersei's 10 Most Vicious Quotes.

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10 "Nobody Cares What Your Father Once Told You."

Cersei Lannister doesn't like being told what to do. Nor does she like the Tyrells. When her father orders her to marry Loras Tyrell, Cersei is not pleased. We don't blame her. She's already been in one loveless marriage, to Robert Baratheon, and has no desire to go through that misery again. Cersei is a fierce, intelligent woman and being sold like a "broodmare", as she calls it, is beyond insulting.

None of this, however, is actually Loras' fault. He prefers the company of men and is just as unhappy about the proposed union as Cersei. In an attempt to bond over their predicament, Loras reaches out, beginning a conversation with "My father once told me—", though before he can finish his anecdote, Cersei hits him with this zinger and walks away. Ice cold and we love it.

9 "Every Breath You Draw In My Presence Annoys Me."

Grand Maester Pycelle has the misfortune of being in Cersei's sight-lines when she's having a particularly bad day. It's her son Joffrey's wedding day, meaning Cersei will soon have to relinquish the throne, hence her crankiness.

Pycelle is a sycophant and a perv, so Cersei's just saying what the fans are all thinking. She also proves that she doesn't just talk the talk; she can walk the walk. After this royal diss, Cersei orders Pycelle to give the wedding leftovers to the dogs, an order that directly contradicts her soon-to-be daughter-in-law, who declared the leftovers would be given to the poor.

8 "Tears Aren't A Woman's Only Weapon. The Best One's Between Your Legs."

Whilst holed up during the Battle of the Blackwater, Cersei gets into the wine and forces Sansa Stark to be her drinking buddy. In Cersei's twisted mind, this bon mot is sound advice for innocent, sheltered Sansa. However, if we know one thing about Cersei, it's that she only truly cares about Jaime and her children. Sansa is a mere chew toy who serves to amuse Cersei during her drunken cabin fever. She demonstrates as much when she goes on to describe the atrocities that befall women who are on the losing side of a war.

7 "I Should Wear The Armor And You The Gown."

Cersei and Robert had a terrible marriage. This Cersei-burn is a prime example of the vicious insults they hurl at each other like wildfire. In an argument, Cersei demands justice for her beloved Jaime after accusing Ned Stark of attacking him in the streets. However, Ned is Robert's bestie, so he wants to hear Ned's side of the story. This is not good enough for Cersei, and the result is this attack on Robert's masculinity.

Cersei may have a barbed tongue, but when Robert retaliates by slapping her, we can all agree he's not a real man.

6 "Love Is Poison.  A Sweet Poison, Yes, But It Will Kill You All The Same."

Die-hard fans of the show may not remember this gem, and for good reason. It's in the second novel, A Clash of Kings, in which Cersei imparts more wisdom on poor Sansa. Cersei cites her deceased husband Robert Baratheon as a prime example, that every bad decision he ever made was in the pursuit of love, and it ultimately led to his death. While we all agree Robert did some stupid things, this is a bald-faced lie, as Cersei herself orchestrated his death. Still, tiny details aside, Cersei isn't just saying this to torture Sansa; this is legitimately her outlook on love, and that's what makes the quote so vicious.

5 "Everyone Who Isn't Us Is An Enemy."

If you ever wondered where Joffrey got his heartlessness, look no further than his dear mother. While tending to Joffrey's direwolf wound, Cersei offers some advice to the future king. Shockingly, some of it is actually good, like knowing when to pick your battles. In typical Cersei fashion, however, she essentially gives Joffrey the go-ahead to behave in whatever brutal way tickles his fancy, as long as he's smart about it. She tells him that as king he can decree whatever he likes, truth or lie, and of course, this gem. To Cersei, loyalty begins and ends at home.

At least she practices what she preaches.

4 "I Choose Violence."

While Cersei makes some major blunders, she's not one to be fooled twice. When the Faith Militant show up at the Red Keep, they order her to meet with the High Sparrow. The last time this happened, Cersei was arrested. This time, she flat-out refuses. The Militant warns her that if she doesn't comply, there will be violence.

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Cersei gives her answer, and the result is an instant bloodbath in which the Mountain rips the head off one of the Faith Militant.

Cersei doesn't bat an eyelash.

3 "If You Ever Call Me 'Sister' Again, I'll Have You Strangled In Your Sleep."

Have we mentioned that Cersei really hates the Tyrells? Margaery is square at the top of the list. Her crime is stealing Joffrey away from Cersei - and also being a syrupy, nauseating phony. While her charms may fool both King's Landing nobility and common-folk alike, Cersei is certainly immune.

Cersei is wont to weave insult with anecdote, and does so in educating Margaery on "The Rains of Castamere", an annihilated noble family guilty of being too ambitious with their social climbing... much like the Tyrells. Cersei then ties up the story with this neat little bow of a threat.

2 "Look At Me! Look At My Face! It's The Last Thing You'll See Before You Die."

Sometimes Cersei's plans don't work out. When she gets arrested for her indiscretions, Cersei hurls this seemingly empty threat at Septa Unella. Things get worse before they get better. Ultimately, Cersei confesses her "crimes" and endures the brutal Walk of Atonement as punishment.

Oh, those poor fools. Cersei is nothing if not one to get the last laugh. She bides her time, plays the good girl, then literally blows up most of her enemies. Not Septa Unella, though. Cersei gets her revenge by locking up the septa and pouring wine all over her while "confessing". We're not too sure if the septa's actually dead, though. Last we saw, Cersei sicced the Mountain on her. But we can bet on one thing - when it's time for Septa Unella to die, Cersei will be there.

1 "When You Play The Game Of Thrones, You Win Or You Die."

Cersei delivers this titular quote to Ned Stark. Not long after, he's beheaded. Blame Cersei, blame the Lannisters, but Ned's demise is the result of his own honor. He learns the truth, that Jaime is the father of Cersei's children, and thus have no claim to the throne. The rest is history. Ned doesn't understand the game of thrones but the ruthless Cersei does. That's why Ned is headless, and Cersei's the queen.

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