• Game Of Thrones: Every Valyrian Steel Weapon, Ranked

    With Valyrian steel being one of only two known objects that can kill a White Walker, these magical weapons will no doubt play a vital role in the eight and final season of Game of Thrones.

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    While there are a number of Valyrian steel swords that have been lost to time, for this list, we’ll be focusing on the weapons that have actually made appearances in either the books or show. So, which of these mystical blades has made the biggest impact on the story? Let’s find out!

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    Lady Forlorn

    While Lady Forlorn has never appeared on the show, this Valyrian steel sword has made a brief cameo in the novels. It pops up in A Feast of Crows, where it is wielded by Ser Lyn Corbray, as Lady Forlorn is the ancestral sword of his house.

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    The sword is said to have heart-shaped pommel with a ruby at its center, as the sigil of House Cobray is that of three ravens carrying three hearts. With Ser Lyn currently aiding Littlefinger, it’s quite possible that this sword could show up again in the books.

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    Nightfall and Red Rain
    Pilou Asbæk as Euron Greyjoy on Game of Thrones

    Though both swords appear in the books, not much is known about Nightfall and Red Rain at this time. While they have yet to play a major role in the story, we do know that each sword is in possession by one of the families of the Iron Islands. Neither weapon seems to be the ancestral sword of these houses, though the owners have been said to have paid the “iron price.”

    With Euron still being a major threat to the Seven Kingdoms, he could come into possession of one or both of these swords in the books. He is obsessed with the magic of Valyria after all, though it seems unlikely that this will come to pass in the show.

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    Widow’s Wail

    Widow’s Wail is one of the two swords that is reforged from Ice. It is given its garish name by Joffrey Baratheon, who is gifted the sword by his grandfather Tywin on the morning of his wedding. However, Joffrey is only in possession of the sword for less than a day, as he is poisoned during his wedding feast.

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    After going unused for a number of seasons, Jaime Lannister has since taken up possession of Widow’s Wail. While the blade is smaller than Oathkeeper’s – Jaime’s first Valyrian steel sword – that may be for the best considering Jaime’s handicap, especially now that the Lannister is heading north to fight the White Walkers.

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    Heartsbane is the ancestral sword of House Tarly, which has been in the family for 500 years. While in the books, Heartsbane is presumably still in the hands of Lord Randyll Tarly, in the show, Samwell has stolen the sword from Horn Hill and taken it north.

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    Although he’s the first on the series to take down a White Walker, Sam is certainly no warrior, meaning he will likely give Heartsbane to someone else during the Great War. Ser Jorah Mormont is certainly a favorite, as the two have already crossed paths in the Citadel.

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    The Dagger

    The unnamed Valyrian steel dagger has changed hands so many times throughout Game of Thrones that it can be hard to keep track. It first appeared in season one, when an assassin tried to use it to murder Bran. It was more recently used by Arya – the dagger’s current owner – to execute Littlefinger.

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    But who did the dagger originally belong to? It seems more than likely that the Valyrian steel weapon previously belonged to the Targaryens, as it has a dragonbone hilt. Maybe Robert Baratheon took it from Rhaegar after he slew him on the Trident. If that’s the case, the dagger may actually belong to Jon– though we’re more than happy if Arya continues to use it.

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    Oathkeeper is the other sword that was forged from Ice, and it was originally gifted to Jaime Lannister by his father. However, Jaime sees the present as more of a mockery, as he is no longer able to wield the weapon sufficiently. As a result, he gives it to Brienne of Tarth. Brienne swears to use to the sword to keep her oath to Lady Stark by protecting her two daughters.

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    Oathkeeper is larger than Widow’s Wail, and Brienne has used it to slay a number of her foes throughout the series. While Brienne is still in possession of Oathkeeper, she prefers to use another sword for practice keeping the Valyrian steel blade stored away for when she needs it most.

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    Ned Stark in Game of Thrones Pilot

    Out of all the Valyrian steel weapons, Ice was certainly the most imposing. But unfortunately, the ancestral sword of House Stark is no more – as it was taken by Tywin Lannister following Eddard’s execution and reforged into two separate weapons.

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    However, we now know that while new Valyrian steel cannot be made, it can be reforged. In the novels, Gendry is the apprentice of the blacksmith who reforges Ice into Widow’s Wail and Oathkeeper. So there’s always the chance that Ice could make a reappearance before the series ends.

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    Longclaw is the ancestral sword of House Mormont. But after Jorah fled the Seven Kingdoms in shame, the sword made its way back to his father, Jeor, who eventually gifts the sword to Jon Snow at the Wall. The bear at the pommel has even been replaced with a direwolf – the sigil of House Stark.

    Out of all the Valyrian steel sword in the show, Longclaw has definitely seen the most action. Jon uses it to destroy a White Walker during the Massacre at Hardhome, revealing that Valyrian steel is capable of doing the same thing as dragonglass. Unless Ice is soon reforged, we fully expect Jon to be wielding Longclaw throughout the Great War in the final season.

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