• Game of Thrones' season 8 premiere revealed more of Euron Greyjoy's barbarity. 1 / 9

    Euron in Game of Thrones Vertical
  • In the books, Euron is a sea captain with a vicious reputation. 2 / 9

  • His ship, Silence, is so-called because he cuts out the tongues of his crew. 3 / 9

    Game of Thrones The Silence Vertical
  • In the season premiere, Euron told Yara he runs a ship "full of mutes." 4 / 9

    Game of Thrones Euron and Yara Vertical
  • Yara was captured by Euron in season 7... 5 / 9

    Theon And Yara Greyjoy On Game Of Thrones
  • ...But rescued by Theon at the start of season 8. 6 / 9

    Alfie Allen As Theon Greyjoy In Game Of Thrones
  • Euron has allied himself with Queen Cersei... 7 / 9

    Game of Thrones Golden Company Vertical
  • ...In exchange for a promise that Cersei will marry him after the war. 8 / 9

    Lena Headey As Cersei Lannister In Game Of Thrones
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