• Game of Thrones' ending contained a number of similarities to Lord of the Rings. 1 / 14

  • There was the epic Battle of Winterfell in The Long Night. 2 / 14

    Arya Stark In Game Of Thrones Battle of Winterfell
  • That's similar to the Battle of the Black Gate at Mordor in Return of the King. 3 / 14

  • After the victory, Daenerys burned King's Landing. 4 / 14

  • Which is like The Scouring of the Shire from Return of the King. 5 / 14

  • The Iron Throne was destroyed by the same fire that made it. 6 / 14

    Game of Thrones Iron Throne Melts Vertical
  • Which is the same way the One Ring was destroyed. 7 / 14

  • Daenerys dies just as she's about to get the thing she so desperately desired. 8 / 14

  • Just like Gollum dying while clutching the One Ring. 9 / 14

  • The book A Song of Ice and Fire was written. 10 / 14

  • Much like Bilbo and Frodo writing their own stories. 11 / 14

  • Jon Snow said goodbye to his family and left to go beyond the Wall. 12 / 14

    Kit Harrington as Jon Snow and Liam Cunningham as Davos Seaworth in Game of Thrones Vertical TLDR
  • Just like Frodo leaving the hobbits and going to Grey Havens. 13 / 14

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