What The [SPOILER] In Game Of Thrones' Final Scene Means

Game of Thrones' final scene shows a green plant sprouting through the snow North of the Wall - here's what it means. The series final ever scene sees Jon Snow lead the Wildlings back to their wintery homeland, except things now look a little different. Far from the thick ice that has defined the lands beyond the wall, now there are green plants growing through.

Jon Snow was sent to the Night's Watch by King Bran as punishment for murdering Daenerys and to pacify his claim to the Iron Throne. However, without the White Walker threat, this meant less manning Castle Black and more moving beyond with the people he'd slowly assumed leadership throughout the show. It was an unexpected yet fitting end to the character many expected to sit on the Iron Throne, but the scene had more to it than Aegon Targaryen reuniting with Ghost and Tormund.

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The green plant that is growing through the snow at the end of Game of Thrones is a symbol that Spring has finally arrived. After suffering the cold winter since it officially arrived in the season 6 finale, "The Winds of Winter," the people of Westeros are now entering a new season. It's a symbolic end to the cycle that was first heralded by Ned Stark in the Game of Thrones premiere.

Green Plant in Game of Thrones

This was a heavily-predicted event in Game of Thrones, regardless of what happened in the Iron Throne. George R.R. Martin's final book in his A Song of Ice and Fire series is set to be titled A Dream of Spring, which with his constant promise of a "bittersweet" ending was assumed by many to mean that at least some of the characters would make it through.

However, this Spring may mean more than that. Game of Thrones was meant to be showing one of the harshest winters ever, and indeed it did bring with it the White Walkers and their semi-permanent ice cloud, yet following the Night King's defeat it seems to have been cut short. This may be a hint that Westeros' infamously out-of-sync seasons (winters and summers can last years) are coming to an end. With Drogon flying out East there's no longer any true magic in Westeros (give or take a Three-Eyed Raven King), and as Arya is sure to discover the world is round, it may be that this is the start of the world of Game of Thrones resembling something approaching our own.

What happens after the end of Game of Thrones will be something debated for many years. While the franchise is set to continue with a spinoff, it will be a prequel set millennia before the time of Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen et al; we're unlikely to learn the ultimate fates of the characters who survived the series for many years. Thankfully, with this dream of Spring, we at least can imagine a happy ever after.

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