George R.R. Martin Bids Farewell To Game of Thrones In Touching Post

George R.R. Martin Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones author George R.R. Martin has finally spoken out about the end of the epic show that culminated with the final episode ever, “The Iron Throne,” this week. In a touching post, the person who brought Westeros and all of its inhabitants to life in his fantasy novel series has penned a short piece that bids farewell to the show that catapulted him to fame.

The show has been at the center of many people’s lives since it premiered in 2011, from the cast, crew, creators and legions of fans that quickly became immersed in its visionary production and groundbreaking storytelling. Though it has doubtfully yet sunk in with everyone involved with the show, Game of Thrones is finally at the end of its life, and the internet and social media has been awash with reflections from cast members and fans, with Martin finally joining the conversation.

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The author took to his blog, the only place where he expresses his thoughts officially on the internet with a post titled, “An Ending.” The tone of the post is obviously very reflective, expressing disbelief at the end of the show, while in turn showing much gratitude for the journey that it has taken him on - from a relatively unknown genre writer, to the dizzy heights of the most successful show of all time, the biggest yet for HBO. Martin was very clear that Game of Thrones couldn’t and wouldn’t have gone ahead without the likes of HBO, a network known for taking risks and producing great TV. He was also keen to thank the cast and the crew, again lauding their efforts in creating the show that became a phenomenon.

Game of Thrones Iron Throne Melts

Despite the end of the show and all of the associated feelings that go with an end of an era such as this, one thing the author and producer was keen to reflect in his post is that, though Game of Thrones has finally come to a close, there are new beginnings on the horizon. As he put it: “Nobody is retiring anytime soon.” It’s looking likely that fans of Game of Thrones and of Martin will have plenty to sink their teeth into in the future. In his post, he discloses that as a producer he has five shows in development, some of which do not involve Westeros, as well as the much-anticipated novels that are still unfinished, The Winds of Winter and A Dream of Spring. Of the book's ending, Martin said it will be both the same and different to the show.

As was reported recently, the show’s writers, though under scrutiny and criticism from many fans following the final season (prompting a petition to rewrite the season), are moving from Westeros over to Star Wars, and many of the cast members are already moving forward with projects after being propelled into the limelight by Game of Thrones. And, of course, there are plans already underway for the Game of Thrones prequel, set thousands of years before the Westeros that fans have come to know.

With fans still coming to terms with the fates of their favourite characters and the end of Game of Thrones, it will be a while before a new world will come along to fill that void. Game of Thrones has been a game-changer in terms of storytelling and TV programming, presenting movie-worthy scenes and episodes, giving fans and viewers characters, conflict and story arcs that have broken many of the rules that we are accustomed to. It has bred both devotion and controversy, going to places that many shows, creators and networks would dare not tread. Game of Thrones may well have come to a close, but the impact that it has had on fans, TV and popular culture will live on forever.

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