Game of Thrones Limited Edition Xbox Is Unwieldy

Game of Thrones Xbox 2

In the world of console video gaming, one constant truth remains perhaps above all others: never stop evolving. Gamers and their tastes are becoming increasingly sophisticated with every passing year and to ignore demands for improvements or alterations to the standard systems currently available can result in consumers switching their brand allegiance or simply losing interest.

Over the course of the past few months, there had been rumors circulating regarding changes to both Sony’s PS4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One. Those rumors were eventually confirmed as reality when Sony announced their Playstation 4 Neo back in April of this year and Microsoft previewed their Xbox One S at this past June’s E3 expo in Los Angeles. Aside from a whole slew of new details, both consoles are compatible with 4K TVs making gaming that much more immersive.

One would think that these latest head turning measures would be enough for now, but Microsoft has once again gone and upped the ante. Seeking (it seems) to cash in on the global phenomenon that is HBO’s Game of Thrones, a new limited edition Game of Thrones Xbox has arrived in celebration of the culmination of season six, courtesy of Microsoft France. As you can see in the promotional video above, the new console is quite extravagant to say the least and is designed to resemble the logo of the hit series.

While this could be a dream come true for devotees of both the Xbox as well as Game of Thrones, there is a slight hitch – there are only three of these consoles in existence and they’re only available to win through Microsoft France. Xbox fans of Iron Man will remember back in April when Microsoft France once again teased a limited edition, tie-in console of which there was only three made. That Stark Industries Xbox was also available solely to contest winners despite the positive response it received from fans. The Game of Thrones Xbox however, appears much more cumbersome in comparison to the Stark Industries model and unlike the Iron Man console, there are currently no actual images of it – simply the above video of a somewhat animated, extravagant piece of hardware.

Game of Thrones Season 6

It’s definitely interesting to see Microsoft France coming up with these rather unique takes on the traditional Xbox consoles, but it does seem that these limited edition efforts often serve to frustrate Xbox customers more than anything else. There’s certainly no shortage of fans willing to pay a premium for a Game of Thrones Xbox - or a Stark Industries Xbox, for that matter - so the insistence on making only three of each doesn’t make a lot of sense. It’s also strange to see them promoting an unwieldy, space hogging Xbox only a few weeks after previewing the slimmed down, space-friendly Xbox One S.

With only three of these Game of Thrones themed Xboxes in existence, those who seriously want one will only be able to hope that they end up among the lucky few winners. Perhaps at some point in the future Microsoft will see the inherent benefit of mass marketing their severely limited edition tie-in models, but unfortunately for now, it all comes down to luck of the draw.

Source: Microsoft France

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