Game of Thrones Script Reveals Why Drogon Burned The Iron Throne

An excerpt from the final Game of Thrones episode script reveals the reason why Drogon burned the Iron Throne. Daenerys' (Emilia Clarke) short lived reign as the queen of the Seven Kingdoms came to a tragic end at the hands of her nephew/lover Jon Snow (Kit Harington). After burning King's Landing to the ground to send a message to her adversaries, the Mother of Dragons didn't waste any time laying out her plans as the ruler of Westeros. However, she wasn't even unable to sit down the Iron Throne when she was killed by Jon to prevent when he finally realized how bad of a leader she will be.

On the heels of her death, Daenerys' remaining dragon, Drogon lurked around. Once he realized that his mother's dead, he descended into a scary meltdown, and for a second, fans thought that his wrath was geared towards Jon, but it wasn't. Instead, Drogon aimed at the Iron Throne, not stopping until it was fully melted and flying away carrying Daenerys' lifeless body. Many were obviously surprised by the creature's move, resulting in countless theories in an effort to explain his actions. Now, after a couple of months since Game of Thrones wrapped up, the episode's script sheds a light on the mystery.

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An excerpt from Game of Thrones' final episode script from HBO (via ComicBook) details what's really going on during the immediate aftermath of Daenerys' death. It chronicles how both Jon and Dragon perceived the situation - the former thought it was certainly his end while the latter understandably wanted to lash out, but he's unwilling to killing the man responsible for his mother's death.

Game of Thrones Script Drogon Burns The Iron Throne

There's actually a couple of ways to interpret this Game of Thrones script excerpt given that there are some vague lines in it. What's tricky here is that depending on which really is it drastically changes how the scene played out. It's unclear who or what it was referring to as the "dumb bystander." It can be Jon or it can be the Iron Throne - and frankly, both fits right in the passage's meaning. Line 3 establishes that Drogon was unwilling to harm Jon even if he wanted to, and if this was the case, the script is more likely referring to the Iron Throne as the collateral damage of the dragon's outburst. On the other hand, the excerpt's last line implies that Drogon intentionally burned the Iron Throne to ensure that no one sits on it if not his mother.

For many Game of Thrones fans, season 8 in its entirety was huge let-down given how well-crafted the show's early seasons were. There is a string of story lines that never had any pay-off and significant subplot's climaxes turned out to be anti-climactic. Perhaps Daenerys' death was inevitable, especially with her character's trajectory in the last few episodes, but if anything, the worst part about it was how rushed it was executed. It was technically the ending of the story as everything that came after it can arguably be an epilogue, and yet, it didn't have the emotional impact one would expect it to have given that it involves three of the show's most beloved characters.

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Source: HBO (via ComicBook)

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