• Here's the evidence supporting the theory that there was a dragon living under Winterfell. 1 / 14

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  • Winterfell sits atop a geothermal hot spring which warmed the castle. 2 / 14

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  • There was rumors that the slings were kept warm by a dragon's breath. 3 / 14

  • The other places with hot springs were Fourteen Flames and Dragonstone, and both had connections to dragons. 4 / 14

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  • There was also talk of dragon eggs left by the Targaryen dragon Vermax in the Winterfell crypts. 5 / 14

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  • The intel came from a jester but the story was believed by townsfolk. 6 / 14

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  • Gargoyles were thought to bind dragons and there were gargoyles on top of the First Keep in Winterfell. 7 / 14

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  • When Ramsay burned the castle in the book, Bran saw this while warged into Summer. 8 / 14

  • He then witness a snakelike creature fly from the rubble after the gargoyles crumbled. 9 / 14

  • There are mentions of ice dragons in the books, a metaphor for Jon's parentage. 10 / 14

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  • But what if there were a literal ice dragon? It could be why Bran the Builder decided to construct Winterfell in that location. 11 / 14

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  • Maybe the dragon was killed during the various attacks on Winterfell or the eggs remained in the crypts. 12 / 14

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  • But it's possible the topic will come up in future spinoff series or novel. 13 / 14

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