Watch Game of Thrones' Composer Play The Theme Song On a Nintendo Labo

Composer Ramin Djawadi is best known for his work on HBO's Game of Thrones, and the talented musician performed his most popular hit in a new way that fans have never heard it before. Djawadi got his hands on a Nintendo Labo toy piano and was able to quickly recreate the television show's theme song on the device. This rendition of the the Game of Thrones main title theme might not be the most sonically pleasing, but it's certainly unique and worth hearing.

Nintendo Labo is the latest unique idea from the Japanese video game company. The construction toy platform uses the Nintendo Switch in some rather unique ways, and comes with cardboard cut-outs that have to be put together by the player. Currently there are two different kits available, the Variety and Robot Kit. The former of which features five separate devices including a toy piano, which can be used to create music compositions, while the latter is an impromptu mech suit that allows players to live out their gigantic robot fantasies.

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The composer was able to recreate the song on a Nintendo Labo in three steps. Djawadi started out by laying down the bass line for the song. Things really started to come together musically when he followed up by adding the melody, and then the iconic song was finished after he layered the drums.

Those that want to hear the theme song in all of its glory will be able to do so at Ramin Djawadi's Game of Thrones Live Concert Experience. He recently started a world tour earlier this month that will last through October. The arena show features a 360-degree stage with LED walls and an 80-piece orchestra that performs music from the hit television show.

Considering it was the first time that Djawadi had ever played a Switch, let alone messed with the toy piano from the Nintendo Labo Variety Kit, it really shows how easy the hardware is to use. It also serves as a testament to how well composed the famous theme song is in that it's still incredibly catchy even when played on a toy rather than by professionally trained musicians. Djawadi wound up being impressed by Nintendo's latest creation. "It's fun. I want one," remarked the composer.

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Source: IGN

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