Game of Thrones Cast Dreams-Up Their Own Spinoff Ideas

Jon Snow and the Night's Watch in Game of Thrones

With Game of Thrones' new season right around the corner, the cast share their hilarious ideas for spinoffs. For the past seven years, Game of Thrones has not only done its best to capture the spirit of George R.R. Martin's books, but has given HBO one of the most popular series in the world. Each new season brings an excess of hype, with fans of all types eager to see what twists and turns are in store this year. But even though the series only has two seasons remaining, HBO isn't giving up on the world yet.

Back in May, word came that Martin, HBO, and a whole host of writers were helping to craft five different ideas for spinoffs. With a sprawling history already conceived by Martin, there's no shortage of places a new show could go. And while we have no indication yet what the shows will be about, we do know they're moving forward at the network. In the meantime, the imminent arrival of season 7 of Game of Thrones means the stars are out promoting the show. And while they likely know as little as we do about the spinoffs, they've got some ideas.

Buzzfeed spoke with a number of the cast members from Game of Thrones and asked them what spinoff ideas they had. And despite the dour nature of the series, the actors all had hilarious pitches for new directions HBO could go in. You can check out their video below:

For the Greyjoys, Pilou Asbæk (Euron Greyjoy) and Gemma Whelan (Yara Greyjoy) couldn't quite agree on what they'd like to see. Asbæk was keen on exploring the history of greyscale, the affliction that plagues Jorah. Meanwhile, Whelan would rather see a Greyjoy-themed cooking show.

On a similar note to Whelan, John Bradley (Samwell Tarly) wants to see his character in a reality show setting.

"Sam and Gilly going around doing home renovations or something. Just something quite mundane. Or something like The Trip. Sam and Gilly going around testing restaurants and things. Something Sam deserves and something Sam quite likes."

Liam Cunningham (Davos Seaworth), on the other hand, would rather go the prequel route with his character.

"I think Better Call Davos is a great idea. I think it's got to be Better Call Davos. That's the spinoff that will work. That will make a fortune. HBO can retire at the end of that one."

Though made in jest, Cunningham isn't wrong that there would be a certain bizarre appeal to seeing the actor channel both Davos and Bob Odenkirk and drawing parallels between their two characters. Sadly, all of the spinoffs will likely take place long before the characters we now know are even around. Still, a Blu-ray extra featuring Cooking with Krakens might have legs.

Game of Thrones season 7 premieres on HBO on July 16th.

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Source: Buzzfeed

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