• Game of Thrones' bleeding tree is actually real. 1 / 9

    Game of Thrones Jaime Lannister Bran Stark weirwood vertical
  • A real life weirwood or bleeding tree can be found in an isolated part of the world. 2 / 9

    Game of Thrones weirwood vertical
  • Called Dragon Tree, it can be found in the Socotra archipelago, in Yemen. 3 / 9

    Dragon Tree vertical
  • Just like the weirwood, the Dragon Tree has a white trunk and produces a red resin... 4 / 9

    Dragon Tree vertical
  • Thus giving the appearance of blood when it's cut. 5 / 9

  • Of course, this tree won't grant anyone the ability to see past and future events... 6 / 9

    Three Eyed Raven And Bran Stark In Game Of Thrones
  • But its "blood" was used in ritual magic and alchemy centuries ago. 7 / 9

    Game of Thrones The Children Vertical
  • Maybe some characters from Game of Thrones could have benefited from it. 8 / 9

    Game of Thrones Jon Snow weirwood vertical
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