Game of Thrones 'Beyond the Wall' Gets Its 'Beautiful Death' Poster

The latest posters in Game of Thrones' 'Beautiful Death' series showcase the bloody events of the past two season 7 episodes. Game of Thrones has always been a show just as defined by political intrigue and magic as it is by brutal and bloody deaths. This season, that's been increasingly evident as the White Walkers march south and Dany and Cersei go to war with one another. In fact, the season opened with Arya slaughtering dozens of Freys before the show slowly killed off more supporting characters over the next few episodes. By the time Drogon descended on the Lannister forces, the body count for this season was immeasurable.

To commerate the violent yet often pleasing fatalities, HBO has been releasing posters for every episode since the series began in a series called 'Beautiful Death'. Drawn by Robert Ball, each piece represents a key element from the episode and evokes it in radiant detail. So far this season we've seen Arya's Frey-icide and Euron's attack memorialized, followed by Olenna's death and Drogon's assault. Now, the events of the past two episodes have been given the same treatment.

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HBO released the following 'Beautiful Death' posters for 'Eastwatch' and 'Beyond the Wall', highlighting key moments from each Game of Thrones episode in Ball's signature style:

The 'Eastwatch' poster focuses on one of the smaller moments, showcasing Gendry's swift takedown of the Lannister guards watching the shore from which he, Davos, and Tyrion are attempting to depart. Keying in on Gendry's warhammer, the weapon drips blood and coins as it's wrapped in the skulls of the defeated.

Meanwhile, the poster for 'Beyond the Wall' naturally focuses on the death of Viserion. We see Dany's heart-shaped hands holding the three-headed dragon pin she's worn since season 1 of the show. As the two other heads moan, the third falls and becomes blue as the chains of the White Walkers pull at it. We can also see the remaining warriors in the background. Sadly, the death of the dragon overshadowed Thoros' passing, so it looks like he won't be commemorated in a poster.

This Sunday, the final episode of the season will air and likely give Ball plenty of moments to choose from for the next poster. We've heard the Arya and Sansa will have a bitter conflict, while the season 7 finale trailer hints at a massive war to come. Whatever happens, another beautiful death is guaranteed to arrive.

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Game of Thrones concludes this Sunday on HBO with ‘The Dragon and the Wolf’ at 9pm EST.

Source: HBO

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