Game Of Thrones: 10 Behind The Scenes Pictures From Season 8

We are still trying our best to heal and move on from the fact that our favorite show of all time Game of Thrones has officially come to an end. It seems almost cruel to wrap up a show that we've all grown so attached to, yet in the words of Stephen King in regards to the latest season of GOT, "all good things" must eventually come to an end.

Fortunately, we still have these amazing behind the scenes photos of the Game of Thrones cast that have made us laugh, cry, and want to rewatch the whole series all over again (and again...and again).  Seriously, these pictures will totally change your perspective on the show itself and feed into your Thrones obsession like never before. So without further ado, here are the best behind the scenes photos of the Game of Thrones cast!

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Since the internet has decided over the past few weeks that celebrity makeup artist James Charles is #cancelled, Jon Snow aka Kit Harington seems like the perfect person to replace him. Here we get to see an adorable behind the scenes look at the Stark fam bonding in the final episode as the true heir to the iron throne brushes up on his baby sister's makeup.

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This pic proves that even the slayer of the Night King has imperfection spots!  Oh, also Bran with working legs in this photo is just too weird to see, but we're digging the King of the Seven Kingdoms' kicks. All in all, this photo is just the perfect candid shot of how the cast truly became a family over the years just as their characters portray them to be.


It seems as though all is forgiven between Dany and Jon after everything that went down in the finale. Here we can see the two cozying up together in what might just be the most adorable behind the scenes picture of all time. The actors who play the Targaryen lovers, Kit Harington and Emilia Clarke, are true mates in real life and had a difficult time filming their lovemaking scenes because of it. According to Clarke, Harington would pretend to vomit everywhere when they had to film a romantic scene and the two would just laugh and laugh the whole time.

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This picture changes everything because of that surprise twist ending nobody saw coming, and makes us feel a bit less stressed and more like we have butterflies floating around in our stomach. So cute!


For those who aren't aware of the goal-worthy relationship between BFFs Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner aka 'Mophie', you are in for the most adorable love story of your gosh darn life. The Stark sisters do everything together IRL from picking each other's noses, falling asleep in each other's arms, taking baths and showers together, and getting matching tattoos. They consider each other to be soul mates, and it honestly makes us want to cry tears of joy. Needless to say, Catelyn and Ned would be so proud to know their daughters are getting along so well. You can see how much they adore each other in this photo at the season 8 premiere in Belfast.


 On Game of Thrones, there isn't too much of an everlasting bond between Brienne of Tarth and The Crow, yet this behind the scenes pic begs to differ. It's hilariously awesome to see the two hanging out together on the steps just as they are being told what will happen in the last episode of the series. Kit's face just says it all as he contemplates the fact that he's gonna kill his lover/aunt. The bond between these two makes us wonder what other unlikely characters/actors hang out together, which leads us to the next slide...


Looks like there are no hard feelings between Arya and The Night King because as we can see from this pic, the two are totally down to take a friendly selfie together. It makes us wonder what Instagram filter The Knight King was hoping to use. Probably Valencia. Definitely Valencia.

The actor who plays the most powerful white walker of all time, Vladimir Furdik, uploaded this irreplaceable selfie to his Instagram account with the caption "She killed me with a smile". Could this situation possibly get any more hilarious? It seems highly unlikely and it would be absolutely epic to spot these two grabbing a cup of coffee together after filming while in full costume.


Sophie Turner (Sansa) and Joe Jonas recently got married in Las Vegas and we can't help but adore the two as a couple. Despite how cute the newlyweds are together, it is impossible not to crack a smile at this hilariously epic picture of the Little Bird choosing her sadistic ex-husband over the Disney boy-band singer.

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Seeing Sansa and King Joffrey getting all cozy during the Game of Thrones premiere for season 8 is just too funny to handle due to how awful their relationship was on the show.  Perhaps Joe's brother Nick will pop up to sing his hit song "Jealous" in honor of how Joe seems to feel in this pic.


There is nothing more depressing than an unrequited love story, which is exactly what Ser Jorah Mormont and The Dragon Queen shared together. While he was head over heels in love with her, she only saw him as a true friend. Just when you thought their story couldn't possibly get any more heartbreaking, Jorah was killed. At least he got to die in the arms of the love of his life!

Right after he died in The Battle of Winterfell, Emilia Clarke went to Instagram to post this smiley photo of the two with the following caption:


If that doesn't make you want to sob, you might be a straight-up robot.


Melisandre is perhaps the most intense character in all of Game of Thrones. She has proven to the world that even the Lord of Light needs to chill out and kick back which is what makes this picture so humorous due to how out of character it is. We spot a coffee cup, who is also just as much of a star nowadays on GOT than any of the other characters. To wonder just how many cups of coffee this cast drinks on a daily basis seems like an impossible task because these actors seem to be downing coffee cups as often as Tyrion downs bottles of wine on the regular.


Look at that smile! In this adorable photo, we see Emilia Clarke happily chilling on her dragon. Can you believe that's what the dragons look like behind the scenes? That's cinema magic for you!

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Dany looks so happy in this picture which makes us genuinely hope the dragon she's cozying up with is the one that manages to live throughout all of the violence in Westeros.  Yet as cool as the production of the dragons are, the true stand-out part of this pic is Clarke's genuine smile.


Oh man, this is an epic photo. For one, The Queen of The North is spotted vaping with a Juul pen,  officially making vaping cool. Of course, the Little Bird has been through so much, it's no surprise she would want to relax a bit after all the torture she has been through. Also, can we talk about Bran not wearing pants?

That's the person that they are trusting to rule the seven kingdoms. He famously asks, "Why do you think I've come all this way", but on his journey, he couldn't even manage to bring pants? Woow. Oh, and Arya looks like a total boss as always in her shades and bored facial expression. All in all, this picture is simply priceless.

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