Game Of Thrones: Everybody Who Died In The Battle Of Winterfell

Here is everyone who died in Game of Thrones season 8's Battle of Winterfell. Since the blockbuster HBO series began in 2011, the seeds were planted for the army of undead White Walkers led by the Night King to invade Westeros from beyond the Wall. The day of that epic conflict finally arrived in season 8's 3rd episode, "The Long Night", and, as fans feared, some beloved characters died in the longest battle sequence ever filmed.

The first two episodes of Game of Thrones season 8 were dedicated to the Army of the Living gathering at Winterfell. First came the arrival of Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen, who brought with them their Dothraki and Unsullied armies as well as her two surviving dragons, Drogon and Rhaegal. Jaime Lannister then arrived alone, without the Lannister army Queen Cersei promised would join the war. In last week's classic episode, "A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms", the heroes decided on their strategy and commiserated on their final night before the overwhelming numbers of the undead finally arrived at Winterfell.

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Most of the characters in Game of Thrones know the words "Valar Morghulis" mean "all men must die". Tragically, for several of the defenders of Winterfell, those words came true. Despite their best efforts, dragons, dragonglass weapons, Valyrian steel swords, and the defenseless taking refuge in Winterfell's crypts, the White Walkers and Wights proved to be too much for some key characters, who died shocking deaths. Here is everyone who died at the Battle of Winterfell:

Game of Thrones - Bran and the Night King

Dolorous Edd - The Lord Commander of the Night's Watch was the first name character to fall when he was stabbed in the head by a Wight after saving Sam Tarly.

Beric Dondarrion - The leader of the Brotherhood Without Banners died from multiple stab wounds from Wights as he, Arya Stark, and the Hound Sandor Clegane tried to find safe refuge inside Winterfell. Melisandre said Beric's many resurrections by the Lord of Light was so he could ultimately save Arya so that Arya could fulfill her destiny.

Lyanna Mormont - The Lady of Bear Island had a fatal run-in with a Wight giant who crushed her in his hand but she heroically stabbed the giant in the eye and killed it before she died.

Theon Greyjoy - The Lord of the Iron Islands was the last of the Ironborn standing who were defending Bran Stark. After Bran thanked him and called him a good man, Theon was killed by the Night King, who stabbed him in the midsection.

The Night King - The single most shocking death of "The Long Night" was the Night King, who survived Drogon's dragonfire. In one of the greatest moments in Game of Thrones history, the Night King was killed by Arya Stark, who stabbed him with Littlefinger's Valyrian steel dagger! Ironically, the dagger once meant to kill Bran ended up saving him and all of Westeros.

White Walkers - As Jon Snow hoped, killing the Night King also resulted in the deaths of the entire Army of the Dead, including the dreaded White Walkers who turned into shattered ice.

All of the Wights - Every Wight also died along with the Night King, including the recently deceased who were reanimated like Lyanna Mormont and Dolorous Edd. They all reverted back to corpses.

Viserion - The Night King's fearsome ice dragon also died along with his master. Viserion was breathing cold fire all over Winterfell's courtyard when he finally perished while Jon Snow confronted him.

Jorah Mormont - Fittingly, Jorah died protecting his beloved Khaleesi, Daenerys, from Wights that were surrounding them. Jorah died from multiple stab wounds. Along with his cousin Lyanna's death, this leaves House Mormont in disarray.

In addition, all of the Dothraki were killed at the start of the battle, and untold thousands of Unsullied, Knights of the Vale, and Northmen died, along with Alys Karstark, presumably, since she was with Theon defending Bran. It's not clear how many people died in the crypts after the Night King animated the dead, who then attacked the refugees. All of the other key characters survived the Battle of Winterfell, but Jon's direwolf Ghost, who charged with the Dothraki, disappeared from the episode.

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Game of Thrones season 8 airs Sundays @ 9pm on HBO.

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