Announcing Game Rant: Video Game News and Reviews

Over the last few months, some of us at Screen Rant have been working hard behind the scenes on something we've wanted to share with you for quite some time. As you loyal readers know, we aim to share opinion on film and television news, but we've really wanted to hit on that other big entertainment item that's started creeping into the film industry in recent years: Video Games!

So as the second step in building our global domination Screen Rant network, we're proud to not only be your one-stop place for all of your movie and TV news, but now video game news as well. I present to you, the video games news/previews/reviews website in the same style as Screen Rant.

With more and more video game titles being pushed into development as film adaptations, this is the perfect opportunity to build synergy between movie and video game news, and share our thoughts on the great things coming out of that part of the entertainment sector.

Rob Keyes (who you may know as an editor here at Screen Rant) has been a little absent over the last two months - becoming the Editor-in-Chief of Game Rant and putting together an excellent team of writers.

They've been put through the Screen Rant editorial meat grinder, learning the conventions, style and quality benchmark of Screen Rant and have done an exceptional job at that so far - with 200 stories already published in preparation for launch. I am proud to present to you the Game Ranters: Ben Kendrick, Zac Landry, Alex Sebenski, John Jacques, Riley Little, Ryan Blanchard, Thomas Sceifers, Sebastian Gaweda, Mohammed Al-Sahaf, Mark Gough, Steve Ksiadz and John Comerford.

We've soft-launched the site by starting to share it through non-official means, but now it's time to go all out and share it with you. Head on over, say hi, and check out the hard work the team has been doing to provide you with Screen Rant style video game news and opinion.

By the way, we are still looking for more content contributors, so if you're a hardcore gamer and are playing the latest games, following the latest news, have good writing skills and would love to share your opinion on the latest news, fill out the contact form over at Game Rant and let us know. We have a definite need for anyone who's into trying out all of the latest MMORPGs.

What better time to do this, with the biggest video game launch of the year set to take place at 12:01 am tonight! Yes, I am of course talking about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

So head on over to our newest site and check it out. Please leave comments on our posts to help generate discussion and feel free to share your thoughts or start a conversation in the Game Rant forums (they're lonely at the moment and need some company). We have the best site "regulars" on the 'net here at Screen Rant and we want to hear what you have to say on the latest video game titles and the gaming industry now as well!

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And of course, the site itself: Game Rant.

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