Game of Thrones Gets Official Wine Collection

Peter Dinklage in Game of Thrones

When you consider the infinite variations of Game of Thrones drinking games available on the interwebs nowadays -- you know, the ones that require you to take a sip every time a sword or naked body makes an appearance or someone is intimate with a blood relative on the show -- you would think HBO and the show's producers might want to tap more directly into that vast market. Thankfully, for those who like to kick back and watch their favorite show like Cersei with her bottomless glass of Dornish red, there's finally a wine (or three) that will pair perfectly with next summer's season 7 premiere.

HBO Global Licensing has announced that a collection of Game of Thrones wines, created in partnership with Vintage Wine Estates and credited to "Seven Kingdom Wines," will be launching in spring of 2017.

With the partnership between HBO and Ommegang Brewery's collection of GoT beers serving as successful precedent, and considering how infinitely more prominent the wine consumption is on the show, it's a long-overdue partnership that fans will likely eagerly embrace while enduring the longer-than-usual wait until season 7. The new collection from Vintage Wine Estates will include a Chardonnay, a reserve-style Cabernet Sauvignon, and a proprietary red blend (nope, not called Red Wedding or anything of the kind, alas).

Game of Thrones Wines

It's tough to say whether the wine or the blood flows more freely on the show (this GoT wine mix clip compilation would argue it's the former), but thematically, that's exactly why this product partnership seems to have been written in the stars and forged by the gods themselves. Tyrion alone is responsible for some of the show's most memorable drinking related quotes, with his two-line resume "That's what I do: I drink, and I know things" ranking particularly high in fans' memories. Any theories as to which Game of Thrones house puts away the most vino?  We're guessing it's the Lannisters who always pay their debts... particularly to the wine merchant.

Since season 7 will be launching a bit later than usual, and the collection is set to hit stores in the spring, there's plenty of other thematically appropriate ways to partake in the interim. May we suggest curling up with a case while perusing the latest season 7 rumors? Or, if you're finally finished with hanging your head in shame because you never did jump on the GoT bandwagon in the first place, a binge-watching session would be nicely complemented by either the red or the white. (It goes without saying that these are best enjoyed in a goblet while chortling over the demise of your enemies.)

And unless you're as universally despised as our dearly departed Joffrey, it's probably not even necessary to have an official taster on hand before you partake. Cheers!

Game of Thrones season 7 is set to premiere in the summer of 2017 on HBO.

Source: HBO Global Licensing

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