Game of Thrones: Will Daenerys' Dragons Die?

How To Kill A Dragon

While 'The Spoils of War' illustrated how dragons fare against a well-placed scorpion bolt, the history of Westeros further illustrates their vulnerability to such weapons. Qyburn’s weapon may seem original, but it’s a well-worn tool in the wars for Westeros.

During the Targaryen civil war (known as The Dance of Dragons), multiple dragons were either wounded or killed by scorpions and crossbows. Dreamfyre was blinded by a bolt that ultimately led to her death, Stormcloud was fatally wounded by a scorpion shot to the chest, and during The First Dornish war, Meraxes, a beloved dragon of Aegon the Conqueror, was almost instantly killed by taking an iron bolt straight through the eye. While it’s true that the majority of dragons in the infamous “Dance” were killed in dragon-on-dragon warfare, more than a few were taken down by the means of men. It’s not hard to imagine, and had Bronn aimed his bolt five feet to the right, Drogon would be a thing of the past.

Though the scorpion will likely see action again in Game of Thrones, expect it take down either Rhaegal or Viserion, the lesser of Dany’s trinity. Drogon has already taken his beating in season 7, and you can bet the others are next.

Dragonbinder & Ice Dragons

Though it has yet to be mentioned on the show, Dragonbinder plays a big role in A Song of Ice and Fire. The “hellhorn” is a six-foot-long siren originally found amid the ruins of Valyria. While the lungs of the poor soul who blows the Dragonbinder are turned to ash, the dragons that hear the horn’s sound will forever serve its master. In the books, this Valyrian tool is owned by Euron Greyjoy who waits for an opportunity to test its power. Should Dragonbinder be revealed in the show, it could quickly reverse the tide of Daenerys’ power and turn Drogon, Rhaegal and Viserion against her. Then again, if Dragonbinder is in the universe of Game of Thrones, you’d think Euron would have already shown it off before Cersei.

There are other weapons that could possibly bring down the big beasts: Valyrian steel, Dragonglass, and even though dragons are largely fireproof, perhaps the emerald Wildfire could do some major damage. As for more tinfoil theories, however, there’s also the longstanding belief that ice dragons exist in Westeros. Though some speculate one may form out of the frozen pond at Winterfell, others fear that the White Walkers will be able to turn a deceased dragon into an undead, ice-breathing monster of The Land of Always Winter. As the opening episode of season seven confirmed, the Night King has no problem turning giants into Wights, so who’s to say a dragon is off limits?

Whether they die by human means or White Walkers, “The Spoils of War” made it abundantly clear that no dragons are safe in the wars to come.

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Game of Thrones returns next Sunday, 8/13 @ 9PM Eastern on HBO.

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