Game Of Thrones: 10 Characters Most Likely To Survive The Final Season

With Game Of Thrones season eight finally coming to us this April, it’s anyone’s guess as to what’s going to happen. The stakes are higher than any show we’ve ever seen before, and this is probably the most anticipated finale to anything… well, ever.

The show and the books are both known for their lack of mercy when it comes to killing off characters, and one thing we can safely assume is that the final season is going to be a bloodbath. Which begs the question: who will survive, if anyone?

We think these ten characters are the most likely to come out alive.

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10 Tyrion Lannister

Jaime and Cersei are going to die. It’s almost a certainty. Cersei has been paranoid about a prophecy that foretells the death of her children and then her, and half of that has already come true. Jaime is a tragic character who doesn’t have much left, after his family has fallen apart and he’s lost his hand.

But if any Lannister is going to survive this show, it’s Tyrion. He’s clever enough to have switched sides when he needed to, and he’s been clever enough to keep himself alive despite having absolutely no skill in battle. If one member of House Lannister will live on, it’s him.

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9 Daenerys Targaryen

The title of the book series is A Song Of Ice And Fire, a title that’s now been referenced in the show. It’s safe to say that Dany is one half of this; when the title refers to fire, it’s probably referring to her. There’s a lot of speculation about how Dany will meet her end, but one thing’s for sure: she’s more likely to survive than most characters on the show.

Which isn’t saying much, as it’s a slim chance for them all.

Whether or not she’ll sit on the Iron Throne is another story, but she may just survive the series.

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8 Jon Snow

So if Dany is the fire, who is the ice?

Jon Snow, of course.

Otherwise known as Aegon Targaryen these days (which means Rhaegar named two children Aegon: did he have no creativity?), this guy is one of the characters most likely to survive the whole series. There have been fan theories about what will happen between him and Daenerys, most speculating that he may have to kill her. So even if Daenerys doesn’t survive, it seems certain that Jon will.

After all, he’s already died once when he was stabbed. Best not to put the poor guy through that twice.

7 Sansa Stark

The lone wolf dies, but the pack survives.

It’s the Stark motto; it’s one that Sophie Turner herself even got as a tattoo after filming the final season. She says this isn’t a spoiler, but it seems as if it might be. After all, Sansa is back with her family now (or what’s left of it) - does this mean she might survive?

The odds don’t look amazing, what with Winterfell being right in the path of the White Walkers. But Sansa has only grown more capable as the show has gone on, and she might just be clever enough to survive longer than most of the other characters.

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6 Arya Stark

Another remaining member of House Stark is Arya. Like Sansa, she started out as a young girl in the series and grew into a more than capable young woman. She’s a warrior who can kill without hesitation, and she can take on the faces of her victims. None of this would help her in the face of a White Walker attack, presumably, but she might just be smart enough to survive the army as they move through the North.

And again, think of Sophie’s tattoo. The pack survives. Arya is very much a solid part of the pack.

5 Brienne Of Tarth

While we’re sure Jaime will die, Brienne might actually not. She’s been a rock for the show ever since her introduction; perhaps one of the only characters with a strong moral backbone as well as capable skills as a warrior. She’ll surely help the North fight against the White Walkers because that’s who she is, but she might just survive it.

She’s also still alive in the books despite a murder attempt by Lady Stoneheart, so perhaps she’s part of the endgame in both. Doesn’t the most pure character deserve to live? Have mercy just this once, writers… give us one good thing…

4 Bran Stark

It’s become difficult to imagine Bran dying in the show. He’s a mysterious force that holds a lot of secrets, able to travel in time and see things that have happened, that are happening, and that are yet to happen. If he can predict the future and see the past, as well as see plans being made in the present, he should be able to equip himself with the skills necessary to survive.

And, he’s yet another part of the remaining Stark pack. Another reason he may survive. Wouldn’t it be some nice justice for House Stark to survive, after all they’ve been through?

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3 The Night King

No one wants the Night King to survive but as he’s the main antagonist in the show now (and has a dragon on his side), it’s time to accept there may be a high probability that he’ll be alive when the final credits roll.

It depends what kind of ending the show are going for. They claim it’ll be bittersweet, which means there are going to be at least some bad aspects in there.

There’s also the theory to consider that Bran is the Night King, so if Bran survives, the Night King technically has too. It’s a strong possibility at this point.

2 Euron Greyjoy

Euron isn’t going to survive because he’s a fan favorite or because he’s an important character to the plot - he’s going to survive because he’s going to sail off to Essos while everyone else is doing the fighting.

Sure, at the moment, he’s going to be bringing back the Golden Company for Cersei. But when the war starts, with dragons and White Walkers, it’s hard to imagine Euron throwing himself into the thick of it. He’s too inherently selfish for that, and will surely leave; the Iron Throne doesn’t mean more to him than his life. And apparently, the wights can’t swim, so he should be able to sail off to Essos and never return.

1 Melisandre

Melisandre is a little like Bran. She has so much mysterious knowledge and power that she may just survive to the end of the series.

Of course, maybe not. She makes mistakes. She didn’t see Stannis’ death coming, and was convinced he was supposed to be far more than he actually was. But she does seem a little more savvy than most characters when it comes to the ways of the universe they live in, and maybe this will enable her to survive.

She at least has a better chance than most characters. Most characters have a 5% chance of survival, at best.

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