Game of Thrones 'The Queen's Justice' Images: Dany & Jon Meet at Last

New images for the upcoming third episode of Game of Thrones' seventh season finally begin bringing the characters together. Thanks to last weekend's Comic-Con trailer for the rest of season 7, we have some ideas where the next few episodes of Game of Thrones will go. A bulk of the story will involve pulling together long-separated characters and even pairing up people who were previously unaware of each other. Following the last episode, Melisandre is now with Dany and her impressive small council. Davos, meanwhile, is about to head back to Dragonstone, with Jon Snow accompanying him.

Not only will this be Jon's first time south of Winterfell since he was a newborn, but next week's 'The Queen's Justice' will finally pair two of Game of Thrones' main characters together. We'll have to wait to see whether Dany and Jon will be enemies or allies, but they certainly have a number of common foes. For Dany, she needs to win over the North to truly conquer the Seven Kingdoms. Jon, on the other hand, needs both Dany's dragons and the abundance of dragonglass on Dragonstone to help defeat the White Walkers as they march beyond the Wall. Now, we finally have a tease of the two characters together.

HBO has released a new batch of images from 'The Queen's Justice,' the upcoming episode of Game of Thrones. While we don't see Dany and Jon together, the photos make clear that Jon and Davos will arrive on Dragonstone and enter the Dragon Queen's throne room. Whether or not Jon will become the second King in the North to bend the knee to a Targaryen, only time will tell.

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The images also show Grey Worm in his battle armor, about to storm Casterly Rock. We also see Varys and Melisandre squaring off on the beach. As two characters from Essos who have served multiple rulers, they have a lot in common. Varys has even had some experience with magic and hearing voices in flames, so he and Melisandre will have plenty to discuss. Not to mention, they're two characters who have done some morally dubious things in an effort to protect the realm.

Aside from the shot of Grey Worm, the images don't deviate from Dragonstone. Therefore, most of what we see is likely part of the same storyline. Meanwhile, Euron will be delivering Ellaria Sand and Yara Greyjoy to Cersei. Given the title of the episode, we'll likely be seeing multiple forms of Queen's Justice in the new episode. As the phrase is a play on a headsman, that will certainly spell disaster for Euron's captives. Ellaria will especially be in trouble given that she killed Cersei's daughter Myrcella.

Meanwhile, characters like Bran, the Hound, and Tormund need to be checked in with, meaning we'll likely see more action in the North and the Riverlands in this Sunday's episode. With 'The Queen's Justice' coming up fast, stay tuned for any news regarding Game of Thrones.

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Game of Thrones continues next Sunday with ‘The Queen’s Justice’ @ 9pm on HBO.

Source: HBO

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