Game Of Thrones: 20 Fan Theories About The Targaryen Family That Make Way Too Much Sense

Game of Thrones is a popular show that fans love to discuss. Many fans come up with theories about their favorite characters, including one of the families at the center of it all: the Targaryens. Some of these theories make sense, while others don't. For now, let's focus on the former rather than the latter.

Whether it's theorizing that Daenerys is the hero destined to defeat the White Walkers, or that she herself will be transformed, fans love talking about the Targaryens. Like all of the characters on Game of Thrones, Daenerys and Jon— the two remaining Targaryens— are very interesting. They are three-dimensional and morally ambiguous, but that's what fans love about them. The theories about them go from heartbreaking to uplifting— such as the theory that Jon is the weapon destined to defeat the White Walkers.

No matter the theory, one thing is clear: The Targaryens fascinate fans. For now, the Targaryens that remain are Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow, who is unaware of his Targaryen roots. Though either one of them could meet their demise quickly in the world of Game of Thrones, for now these characters remain. Daenerys Targaryen is somewhat ruthless at times but has a good heart. Jon Snow is noble to a fault, much like the Stark side of his family.  Both characters have been through a lot to get to where they are now. No wonder they're so fascinating.

Without further ado, let us get into: 20 Fan Theories About The Targaryen Family That Make Way Too Much Sense. 

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Daenerys Fire Game of Thrones Season 6
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20 Daenerys Is Azor Ahai

Daenerys Fire Game of Thrones Season 6

In the books that Game of Thrones is based on, Azor Ahai is a rather legendary figure. A hero who is meant to return when things get bad. Sounds like Daenerys Targaryen to us! And a fan on Reddit agrees. 

In the books, Azor Ahai tries to forge a weapon. First he tries using water, it doesn't work. Second, he tries putting the weapon through the heart of a lion, it doesn't work. Then, he puts the sword through the heart of his love, Nissa Nissa. Now, what about this sounds like Daenerys? Good question! It's not directly about her forging a weapon, but during season 7, she had several key losses. First, she lost a naval battle— in water— and then she lost after the battle at Casterly Rock— which could be said to be the heart of the lion. The jury is out on whether or not she'll have to lose Jon Snow in order to defeat the White Walkers. Though she did lose one of her beloved dragons. So perhaps that could fit the prophecy.

19 Daenerys And Jon Will Have A Baby

Jon And Daenerys in Game of Thrones season 8

Ok, we know, gross. Yet according to a fan on Tumblr, it's possible. Remember way back in season one when Mirri Maz Duur told Daenerys that "only a demise could pay for life?" Well, Viserion— one of her dragons— passed away. And so perhaps that means the spell is lifted and Daenerys can now have children. It certainly would be a plot twist worthy of Game of Thrones. It would be unexpected and no one would necessarily want it to happen, making it perfect for the show. We have to say, this would be a rather unpleasant plot twist. Still, when has that stopped the Game of Thrones writers? Red Wedding, anyone? This would be absolutely perfect for the show that loves to shock its audience.

18 The Baby Will Be The Third Head Of The Dragon

In the books, "the dragon has three heads" is an often repeated saying. Though it has not been as prominent on the show, the sigil of house Targaryen is a three-headed dragon. And Daenerys had three dragons before the loss of Viserion. So the dragon could still have three heads that are Targaryens. According to the aforementioned fan on Tumblr, the third head of the dragon will be Daenerys and Jon's baby. How the Night King will feel about that, we don't know. He probably won't like it very much. He'd hate to lose his dragon. But if there is a baby Targaryen, well... he or she would be a better third head of the dragon than the Night King, for sure.

17 Daenerys Will Be Left With Jon's Baby After His Demise

According to a fan on Reddit, this will be the bittersweet ending that we were promised. The bitter part is, of course, the fact that Jon will sacrifice himself. Yet the sweet part will be that Daenerys will have his child and that child will grow up to be the next ruler of Westeros. This ending would be perfect for Game of Thrones. It would be just the right amount of strange and unusual with a hint of sweetness. Though this may not be the ending that anyone would choose, that is, in a way, what makes it perfect for the show. Game of Thrones loves to surprise and shock its audience, after all. What better way to do that than to get rid of one of the most heroic characters yet have his legacy live on through his love and his child?

16 Daenerys Will Be Transformed Into A White Walker

Say it isn't so. Well, according to a fan on Reddit, it's definitely a possibility. This fan draws on various aspects of the books and the show for this theory, including Azor Ahai and Nissa Nissa, the White Walkers as sentient, an analysis of the House of the Undying prophecies that Daenerys received, and more. This fan states that Jon and Daenerys will get married as is shown in the House of the Undying. Afterwards, Jon will do as Azor Ahai once did and put his dragonsteel blade into his wife, Daenerys. However, it will not lead to her demise. Nor did it all those centuries ago for Nissa Nissa. Instead, Daenerys will be transformed into a White Walker as Nissa Nissa once was. Then she and Jon will rule Westeros as man and White Walker, giving us a bittersweet ending.

15 Daenerys' Dragon's Names Predicted Their Fate

Game of Thrones Dragons

According to this fan, Daenerys' dragon's names have meaning. Not only were they named for important men in Daenerys' life, but their names will have a meaning aligned with their fates. For example, Viserion was eliminated by the Night King, just as Viserys met his demise at the hands of Khal Drogo. According to this fan, that means that the new and improved— or worsened, depending on your point of view— Viserion will meet his demise via Drogon. As Khal Drogo once got rid of Viserys, so too will Drogon get rid of Viserion. The fan also believes that Jon Snow will ride Rhaegal as the dragon was named for his father, Rhaegar. This will show the union of  the houses Stark and Targaryen, that Rhaegar was hoping for.

14 Varys Will Eliminate Daenerys

Daenerys should watch out, according to this fan.  Varys will apparently eliminate her just when she's poised to get everything she wants. He will do so, apparently, for the good of Westeros. The reason for this is that he will find out about Jon Snow's true parentage and will believe that he will make a better ruler than Daenerys since he lacks the Targaryen's temper. He is far more like the Stark side of his family. Don't worry, though, Daenerys fans. She will not have lived in vain. This fan theory goes on to state that Grey Worm and Missandei, after Jon Snow has reluctantly assumed the throne, will lead her army back to Meereen to ensure that the city remains free of slavery. She will be known throughout Essos as the "Breaker of Chains," a legacy that will endure forever.

13 Tyrion Will Betray Daenerys

Peter Dinklage as Tyrion Lannister and Emilia Clarke as Daenerys Targaryen in Game of Thrones

We have discussed this theory before. It's quite a popular one in the fanbase. Many fan theorists believe in it.  How this theory will play out is something that we'll have to wait until season 8 to see. One way that it might go is that Tyrion will save Jaime and betray Daenerys by doing so. This is definitely a possibility since Tyrion loves his brother and will want to help him if he can. Another way that this theory could go is that Tyrion will find out the secret of Jon's parentage before Daenerys and will keep it from her. That could definitely happen as well, since Tyrion would likely not want to threaten the alliance between Daenerys and the Starks.

12 Daenerys Is The Stallion Who Mounts The World

Remember back in season one when Daenerys went to Vaes Dothrak? And she heard a prophecy about the Stallion Who Mounts The World? Well what if that prophecy was not about her and Khal Drogo's baby, but was actually about Daenerys herself? Let's look at the prophecy itself. "As swift as the wind he rides..." Sounds like someone riding a dragon to us! "Behind him his khalasar covers the earth." Daenerys certainly has quite a big khalasar. "Fierce as a storm this prince will be." Daenerys isn't known as Daenerys Stormborn for no reason. Besides the fact that she was born during an actual storm, she is quite fierce. Though this prophecy does seem to be about Daenerys' son, let's look at the facts. First of all, prophecies are often not specific, especially in the A Song of Ice and Fire series. Secondly, Daenerys can ride "as swift as the wind" on her dragons and she has, in the show at least, united all of the khalasars into a single khalasar that can "cover the earth." So this prophecy could definitely be about her.

11 Mirri Maz Duur Told Daenerys' Future... And About The Battle Against The White Walkers

The same fan theorist from the last section believes that Mirri Maz Duur's prophecy for Daenerys was an end of the world prophecy. That she was talking about the war to come with the White Walkers. Let's look at what Mirri Maz Duur tells Daenerys. When asked when Khal Drogo will be as he was, Mirri Maz Duur says "when the sun rises in the west and sets in the east, when the seas go dry and the mountains blow in the wind like leaves." Sounds very apocalyptic, right? And some of it has already happened. The sun— not the actual sun, but the champion of the Lord of Light— of Daenerys has risen in the west, Westeros, after leaving the east, Essos. The seas going dry could refer to the seas freezing because of the White Walkers. And mountains blowing in the wind like leaves could refer to huge mountain-like snow drifts blowing in the wind.

10 Daenerys And Jon Will Want To Get Married

This goes along with the baby theories a little bit. According to this fan theorist, Daenerys will get pregnant and Jon will want to marry her so that their child will not have the stigma of being illegitimate that Jon himself grew up with. But according to the fan, things will not go well for the two Targaryens. Tyrion Lannister will mess things up for them by telling Jon and Daenerys that the North won't accept Jon being a Targaryen and/or marrying one. Sansa will also be against the match. Looks like a Game of Thrones plot line to us! It has just the right amount of intrigue and a bit of grossness as well.

9 ...But She'll End Up Marrying Jorah Mormont Instead

Emilia Clarke as Daenerys Targaryen and Iain Glen as Ser Jorah Mormont on Game of Thrones

Yes, that's right. According to the fan theorist from the last section, Daenerys will end up marrying Ser Jorah Mormont after being convinced not to marry Jon Snow. Well, at least the two of them aren't related. Still, there is a significant age difference between them even with Daenerys' character being aged up for the show. The fan theorist goes on to state that Daenerys will also be told to pretend that Jorah is her baby's father. Seems possible to us.  This would definitely be a plot twist fans wouldn't see coming and wouldn't necessarily want, making it perfect for Game of Thrones. Poor Daenerys, though. And poor Jorah, who would be marrying the woman he loves but only because she was convinced not to marry the person she loves. What a mess.

8 Jon Is Lightbringer

Wait, you may be thinking. Isn't Lightbringer supposed to be a flaming sword or something? Well, as is mentioned before, prophecies aren't always what they seem. Just like Daenerys is the Stallion Who Mounts The World, Jon is also able to be Lightbringer. According to a fan theorist, the proof is already there. Jon was conceived by Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark. Lyanna passed away in childbirth and that is part of the proof that Jon is Lightbringer. Just as Nissa Nissa was once eliminated by Azor Ahai's sword, Lyanna Stark met her demise by giving birth to the child of the love of her life. Also, Jon is bringing light, literally, by getting Daenerys and her dragons to fight the White Walkers.

7 ...Which Makes Rhaegar Targaryen Azor Ahai

Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen Marriage

It would be just like Game of Thrones to pull a twist like this on us. According to the same fan theorist from the last post, Jon being Lightbringer makes Rhaegar Azor Ahai/The Prince That Was Promised. Rhaegar was born at Summerhall on the day it was burned down, which means he was born amidst salt and smoke, which is required for the prophecy. Rhaegar also was born on the day when they lost a  king, a prince, and a member of the Kingsguard, causing tears which are salty. The fan theorist also mentions that when he grew older, Rhaegar would write songs that would make all of the women cry. Rhaegar also had a hand in creating Lightbringer— by which we mean Jon— which is another part of the Azor Ahai prophecy.

6 Melisandre Will Bring Back Viserion

According to one Reddit user's mother, she must still be around for some reason. And she may just play a role in the war to come. Viserion, one of Daenerys' dragons, is now reanimated and under the control of the Night King. But what if he wasn't? What if Daenerys and Melisandre together were able to bring him back to the way he was? That would be amazing. And definitely a plot twist worthy of Game of Thrones. Melisandre has definitely shown that she can bring people back with Jon Snow. So why not dragons? This theory is definitely very possible in our opinion and could change everything for those fighting the White Walkers. We'll have to wait for season eight to know for sure, of course.

5 Daenerys Will Pass Away In Childbirth

This would be a tragic ending for her character. Then again, that is common on Game of Thrones. According to one fan theorist, it is because her child with Jon will be a dragon rider. Therefore, like her mother and Lyanna Stark before her, she will pass away during childbirth. This theory is definitely possible, because of how heartbreaking it is. To see Daenerys, the Mother of Dragons, Breaker of Chains, etc. pass away during childbirth would just be sad. Yet Game of Thrones loves making its audience sad. It would be very sad for many fans, though, as Daenerys is a very loved character. Like all the rest of the characters on Game of Thrones, she has her fans and she has those who are not so fond of her. Yet many fans would agree that she's an interesting character and it would be upsetting to lose her.

4 Daenerys Will Break The Night King's Hold On Viserion 

According to a fan on Tumblr, Melisandre will not even be needed to bring Viserion back to his old self. All that will happen is that Daenerys will say "a dragon is not a slave" in Valyrian, which will bring Viserion back to himself. He will therefore throw off the Night King and turn the tide of the battle. Seem a bit fantastical? Well this is a world full of dragons and ice zombies. So you never know what could happen. It would definitely be a good plot twist and would be helpful for those fighting the White Walkers. Not only that, but it would tie into Daenerys' title of Breaker of Chains. Viserion is essentially being enslaved by the Night King. If Daenerys was able to free him from that slavery, as she once freed those in Astapor, Yunkai, and Meereen, that would definitely fit with her role as a liberator.

3 Daenerys' Treasons Will Help Her

In the House of the Undying, Daenerys is given several prophecies. One of them says that she will be betrayed three times. Once for blood, once for gold, and once for love. According to a fan on Tumblr, these betrayals will actually help her reach her destiny. This seems like just the kind of plot twist Game of Thrones could pull off. While Daenerys is looking for people to betray her, she would not be expecting these betrayals to be a blessing in disguise. Therefore this theory could definitely play out on the show and perhaps even in the books as well. George R. R. Martin loves to mess with our heads and the heads of his characters. Prophecies in the world of Game of Thrones are never as simple as they seem.

2 Daenerys Will Destroy The Lannisters

Game of Thrones Season 8 - Daenerys Targaryen

According to the same fan theorist, Daenerys will cause the downfall of the Lannisters. The foreshadowing for this is in the book. A popular puppet show among the common people of Westeros is one where a dragon hatches from an egg and devours all the lions. According to the fan theorist, this foreshadows Daenerys— the dragon— being the downfall of the Lannisters— the lions. This could definitely happen in the show as well as in the books. Though if that is the case, Tyrion should be careful. Though perhaps he would be spared from this since he's her Hand. You never know, though, with Game of Thrones. If he does betray her in season eight, he could definitely be in trouble. In any case, this fan theory is an interesting one and we would like to see if it plays out on the show.

1 Westeros Will Need Daenerys To Rule After The War With The White Walkers

According to one fan theorist, this has been foreshadowed in the books when Daenerys is compared by others and by herself to her ancestor Aegon the Conqueror. Aegon was able to bring peace and prosperity to Westeros after his conquering it and according to this fan theorist, Daenerys will do the same. She will be queen in her own right and will help Westeros recover from the battle with the White Walkers. She will help Westeros and Essos trade more after the war is over. This is because she is multilingual and has connections in Essos. Westeros will need these because their natural resources will be depleted after the war with the White Walkers. This is a great theory and is exactly the kind of plot twist that Game of Thrones could pull off very well.

Do you know any other fan theories about the Targaryens from Game of Thrones? Let us know in the comments!

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