Game of Thrones - Sophie Turner Discusses Sansa's "Taste of Power"

Sophie Turner says her Game of Thrones' character Sansa Stark is 'definitely a lot more powerful' in the show's upcoming season.

Game of Thrones - Sansa Stark and Brienne of Tarth

Game of Thrones has, for six seasons now, entertained audiences across the globe with its brutal and fantastical world of chaos, magic and injustice. Popular with legions of viewers and gaining critical acclaim, the series – based on George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire novels – has introduced a variety of different characters. Many of those lucky enough to survive this long have worked their way deep into the hearts of those watching at home.

One of these characters is Sansa Stark, played by British actor Sophie Turner. Though she started in the show as a naïve young girl, she’s blossomed into a woman who has had to deal with the death of much of her family, an abusive marriage and much more.

On her way to London, Turner took the time to speak to Vulture about Sansa’s journey so far and where she’s headed in the future:

“At the end of the season, Sansa gets a taste of power – and it’s the first time that she’s had that ever, really. She feels like it’s deserved because she did so much for Jon and the North, so when she saves the day and doesn’t get any recognition for it, it was like she had that first taste of power and then was immediately stripped of it. She was stripped of the respect that she really feels she deserves. She was trying to give her input to Jon and trying to be a collaborative leader, but it’s difficult when it’s a patriarchy and when there’s sexism. It would be a real adjustment for Jon to listen to her and do what she says.

“So she was looking to Littlefinger like, oh, you’re right. Maybe that pretty picture you painted of me on the throne and you by my side isn’t such a bad one. And then there’s the smile as well, her walking away after killing Ramsay. That’s also quite interesting. You wonder if it’s just a smile because it’s her first kill, because this man is out of her life, or whether she’s going to get a taste for it. Whether she enjoyed it. Whether it’s a power trip. But she definitely is a lot more powerful, and it’ll be very interesting to see how she handles that coming up this season.”

Game of Thrones - Jon and Sansa Stark unite

The comments follow Turner’s interview with EW, in which she said that Sansa’s power ‘really suits her’. Based on Turner’s new comments, Sansa is more than aware that she isn’t being given due credit for everything she did during the events that took place in season 6. Because of that, we could be seeing yet another evolution in her character moving forward, with the character perhaps even forced to go behind Jon Snow’s back to ensure she can play her own piece during the volatile Game of Thrones.

Seeing her relationship with Jon go through the ringer could prove to be an extremely entertaining collection of scenes. When Sansa has been faced with confrontation in the past, she’s managed to bite her tongue or ignore it completely, but with her constantly gaining in confidence we could be about to see her make her biggest power moves yet.

With all that being said, there are some fans who would prefer to see Sansa maintain a friendly, working relationship with her ‘brother’, Jon. It’s uncertain where the writers will take the show, but one thing’s for sure – the masses are sure to tune in when Game of Thrones returns.

Game of Thrones is expected to return to HBO for season 7 in summer, 2017.

Source: Vulture

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