Game of Thrones Season 7 Comic-Con Trailer: Dany Meets Melisandre

Melisandre looking into flames Game of Thrones

A new trailer has arrived for Game of Thrones from San Diego Comic-Con, teasing more of the character meet-ups to come in season 7. With last Sunday's premiere of Game of Thrones, the final war has begun. While the episode mostly set up what will take place in the remaining six episodes this year, it finally moved things into place for the coming of the White Walkers and Daenerys' invasion. At the end of the episode, Dany just arrived on Dragonstone, and the trailer and images for this Sunday's episode have shown she'll be kicking off her war soon.

But while Dany may have a massive army and three dragons at her command, Westeros won't be conquered so easily. Cersei has struck an alliance with Euron Greyjoy, pairing the Lannisters' army with much of the Greyjoy's fleet. Meanwhile, Jon and Sansa will need to put aside their differences if they hope to save the North and the rest of the realm from the Others. While we've already seen glimpses of the rest of season 7 in two separate trailers, a new look at the year ahead finally shows certain plots coming together.

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HBO released a new San Diego Comic-Con trailer for the remainder of season 7 of Game of Thrones. In the video above, we see a number of the shots from previous trailers, but also get an idea of how the various factions will be moving forward. All told, it's an exciting reminder of how much action and progress will unfold in the penultimate season.

Melisandre looking into flames Game of Thrones

Of course, the biggest reveal of the trailer is the return of Melisandre to Dragonstone. We see her appear before Dany, offering her help but teasing another. Likely, this is Jon Snow. For years, fans have assumed Jon and Dany would not only need to work together, but that they represent the novel series' titular song of ice and fire. We even get another hint of this earlier in the trailer.

While Jon figures out how best to fight the White Walkers, his attention finally turns to his long-lost aunt Dany. Knowing she has dragons and a cache of dragonglass, a partnership between the two surviving Targaryens is likely essential. Not only will Dany need to help Jon fight the Walkers if she wishes to preserve her new home, but their meeting could finally reveal their connection.

Of course, Cersei has also started paying attention to Dany. After multiple seasons of characters dismissing whispers about the Dragon Queen, the realm has finally realized the threat she poses now that she's knocking on their door. And given that Cersei is unlikely to compromise in order to fight the Walkers, a battle between Dany and the forces of King's Landing will only serve as a distraction for the true battle ahead.

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Game of Thrones continues with ‘Stormborn’ next Sunday on HBO.

Source: HBO

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