Game of Thrones Season 7 Trailer #2 Breakdown

Jaime Bronn Lannister Archers Game of Thrones Season 7 Trailer

Battles Ahead

At this point in the trailer, the music intensifies and the actions ramps up. The fast-paced sequence includes an Unsullied soldier hitting the dirt, shot through with an arrow; a Dothraki horde charging the front line of the Lannister army; a ship ablaze on the sea at night, and is that Yara jumping onto the burning deck?; Lannister archers firing, Jaime and Ser Bronn of Blackwater behind them, looking on.

It's a flurry of shots but they tease important developments. The shots of a ship ablaze are again strong evidence that Euron overtakes Yara's fleet, crippling her ships and likely capturing her. Later on in the trailer, both Theon and Yara are shown to be at someone's mercy, but since there's also footage of Theon washing up on shore, he either escapes or is set free for some manipulative purpose. There's also a glimpse of Euron taking part in a fight which appears to take place in this same setting of a burning ship, really driving home the fact these two opposing Greyjoy fleets will engage in a fierce sea battle -- one that Yara and Theon appear to lose.

The rest of the action in this montage pertains to another major battle expected in season 7 -- Lannister versus Targaryen. Depicted throughout the trailer, these scenes of Daenerys' hodge-podge army of Unsullied, Dothraki, mercenaries, and dragons versus the red-clad Lannister army are pure spectacle. In fact, it wouldn't be surprising if this climactic showdown comprised its own episode, not so unlike 'Hardhome' or 'Battle of the Bastards'. Just how the two forces end up facing off on the battlefield isn't entirely clear, but with both Daenerys and Cersei closing in on their enemies, it isn't at all surprising for these two queens to come to blows this season. Question is, does all the action take place far away from King's Landing, or do some of those shots of the Unsullied storming a castle take place in the Red Keep?

The Real Enemy

Night King Game of Thrones Season 7 Trailer

Still, for as great as it will be to witness Jaime's face when he sees actual dragons melting his soldiers in their armor, the great war, the only war that really matters remains that against the Night King. And right after the quick shots of these land and sea battles, the season 7 trailer returns to the north, and to Bran and his greenseeing.

First there is a flock of ravens, their eyes whited out, letting someone else peer through them; what they see is the Night King, who immediateyl locks eyes with the birds; a cut to a close-up of Bran's face, his eyes also white; now the camera zooms out, Bran is seated underneath the weirwood tree in Winterfell's godswood, Maester Wolkan attends to him. The screen cuts to black and Jon's narration returns: "It's always been real."

It's a spine-tingling moment, with Game of Thrones going full-on supernatural. All the myth and legends, all the terrors from Old Nan's stories -- they're all real and they are coming to kill everyone south of the Wall. And what's especially interesting here, besides Bran fully embracing his Three-Eyed Raven abilities, is that if he's made it as far south as Winterfell (which Wolkans' presence, the maester who served the Boltons in season 6, basically confirms) then he does pass through the Wall. Could this then be him watching as the Night King and his army follow in his tracks, passing through (or toppling over) a wall now stripped of its magical protections?

Journeying North

Beric Flaming Sword Game of Thrones Season 7 Trailer

But never fear! Beric and his flaming sword are here! It's the closest this trailer has to a hero shot and it's just fantastic to see him in action again. Though Beric, Thoros of Myr, and the Brotherhood Without Banners reappeared late in season 6, they were last an integral part of the series in season 3 (back when Arya roamed the riverlands as Arry). Since then, they've continued to serve the Lord of Light, which by now has led them to travel north and face the White Walkers for themselves.

Isn't that brash and foolhardy? Certainly, but with only two shortened seasons left to go, expect Game of Thrones to begin whittling away at their cast more aggressively than every before. That puts Beric and his merry band on the chopping block, though they won't be going down without a fight. One that Sandor will likely also be taking part in. There's a shot near near the very end of the trailer which could very well be Sandor riding away on a horse as the lone survivor of Beric's assault. It's possible he could arrive at some unexpected moment to corroborate Jon's story, or even meet up with the group Jon leads north (a group that includes Tormond, another disposable character at this point), warning them of an incoming attack.

Regardless of how this all precisely plays out, there are quite a few people still hanging out near the Wall in season 7, and there's simply no way the Night King just lets them be.

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