Game of Thrones: 15 Things We Know WON'T Be in Season 7

Kit Harrington as Jon Snow in Game of Thrones season 6

The next two seasons of Game of Thrones may well be among the show’s best, and predictions are already underway for exactly what we’ll see when the show returns in July. Still, our time in the world of Westeros is limited, and the show isn’t equipped to cover everything, especially if there are elements that it’s already touched on.

George R.R. Martin created an enormous world, and now fans of the show are starting to realize that that means there are plenty of things we’ll never see, especially not with only seven hours in the upcoming season. Here are 15 Things We Know WON'T Be In Game Of Thrones Season 7.

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Emilia Clarke as Daenerys Targaryen and Souad Faress as Dosh Khaleen Priestess in Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 4
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15 Essos

Emilia Clarke as Daenerys Targaryen and Souad Faress as Dosh Khaleen Priestess in Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 4

The land of Essos has been a presence on the show since its very first episode, although we chiefly got access to it through Daenerys’s story. In more recent seasons, Game of Thrones has sent other characters to Essos, including Tyrion and Arya, giving us a more varied look at one of the world’s largest locations. Now, though, all of the major players have returned to Westeros, or are at the very least on their way, which means we might not see any more of Essos.

After all, the continent was never intended to be the focal point of the show’s conflicts, although there’s plenty of intrigue to spare over there. Perhaps the most notable unsolved mystery of Essos involves the Doom of Valyria, which destroyed what was once supposed to be a fairly advanced civilization. Audiences also never got to see the black lands of Asshai, which is supposedly where Melisandre comes from. If season 7 doesn’t return to this part of the map, all of this will remain a mystery.

14 A Familiar Dickon Tarly

Freddie Stroma as Dickon Tarly in Game of Thrones

Last season, we were introduced to Samwell Tarly's wonderfully horrendous family. His father treats him like a huge disappointment, and that's likely partly because of who Sam is frequently compared with. Dickon Tarly, Sam's much more conventionally attractive brother, is the warrior that his father wanted, whereas Sam has always been a bit more bookish.

In season 6, Dickon was played by Freddie Stroma, but the actor has confirmed that he won't be returning to the role for season 7 because of his conflicting schedule. That doesn't mean we won't see Dickon next season, but it does mean that next season's Dickon won't exactly be familiar to audiences. Instead, the character will be played by Tom Hopper of Black Sails, who should be more than up to the part. 

When we do see Dickon, he'll likely be accompanying his father in a search for Sam, and the Valyrian Steel sword that Sam stole when he saw his father last.

13 Daario

Daario Naharis Game of Thrones

While there are many who admired this sexy mercenary for his devotion to Daenerys and his glorious beard, it’s unlikely we’ll be seeing more of Daario when Game of Thrones returns in July. When the dragon queen took her leave of Meereen, she left Daario in charge of the city, and didn’t allow him to invade Westeros with the rest of her party.

While it’s not impossible for Daario to make  a surprise appearance at some point late in the season, perhaps with some reinforcements for Daenerys, it seems unlikely. Daenerys certainly seemed to think that she was saying her final goodbyes to Daario when she left him behind, and it’s not as if the character has some critical role to fill in the plot.

Daenerys has moved on to advisors like Tyrion and Varys, both of whom are much more experienced in the culture of Westeros than Daario. Unfortunately, Daario may be stranded in Essos while all the fun is happening somewhere else.

12 Jorah Mormont

The last time we saw Jorah Mormont, he was slowly dying of greyscale, and had left Daenerys behind to search for a cure in the wilderness of Essos. If the show does choose to return to that continent, Jorah is the most likely to make an appearance. The character is suffering from a crippling disease, one of which very few people have been cured. Daenerys certainly seemed to think Jorah’s departure was final, considering the emotion she displayed-- a rarity for the queen.

All this would seem to suggest that Jorah’s return is somewhat unlikely. If his story is given any real closure, it may be during the final season, when the rest of the show’s character arcs are finished. Season 7 is likely going to focus on forward momentum, and it’s hard to see how Jorah would factor into that. For now, it appears Jorah is doomed to wander the wilderness, wearing the same shirt he’s had on for what seems like an eternity.

11 A Storyline at the Wall

For the first six years of the show’s run, Jon Snow has been anchored to the Wall because of his duty as part of the Night’s Watch. When his fellow Watchers decided to murder him, Snow decided to forgo his duties and reclaim his titles as a Stark, and Winterfell along with it. Now, as season 7 approaches, it’s unclear whether the show is planning to place any of its central characters at the Wall, which would be a departure from the storytelling thus far.

That doesn’t mean that the Wall won’t have a large role to play in the final years of the show. Quite the opposite. The Wall may be crucial to the show’s endgame, and some have even speculated that it may come down before all is said and done. It certainly seems to be the final impediment keeping the White Walkers from invading the lands of men, which means that if the climax happens the way many expect it will, the Wall can’t stand there forever.

10 A United Westeros

Daenerys sailing for Westeros in Game of Thrones

While the first few seasons of Game of Thrones were almost certainly a story about a country in the midst of civil war, things were definitely calmer in Westeros in season 6. The War of the Five Kings had ended, and it seemed as though everyone was ready to fall in line behind King Tommen and his mother. Then the end of last season brought strife back to Winterfell, with the ascension of Jon Snow to the position of King in the North.

Now, it looks like rebellion might be in the air, and the reigning Queen Cersei may have to fight a war on multiple fronts. If Jon chooses to rebel and assert the North as an independent nation, Cersei likely won’t be pleased. At the same time, she’ll probably to have to contend with Daenerys and the massive force that the Khaleesi assembled, including the unsullied, the Dornish, and the Dothraki-- not to mention a few dragons. Make no mistake, things are about to get more unstable in Westeros than they’ve been in quite a while.

9 Braavos

Game of Thrones Season 6 Arya Stark Braavos

Arya spent much of the last two seasons in Braavos, the free city that’s home to the faceless assassins. Her departure may mean that we have left the city for good, which is something of a shame. Braavos is one of the more fascinating parts of the world of Game of Thrones, and Arya didn’t spend much time actually exploring. Instead, she went blind and hung out in a series of increasingly dark rooms.

There is one major loose end left to tie up in the Braavos arena; namely, the Iron Bank, which is still owed vast sums by the Lannisters and the crown. If we do return to Braavos, it will be to visit the Iron Bank. There’s also the possibility that the Iron Bank will come to Westeros to collect the money, and all of this makes the future of the crown unclear. Their massive debt can't hang there forever. At some point, the other shoe is probably going to drop.

8 The Sun

Kit Haringston as Jon Snow in Game of Thrones

It seemed for some time as though Winter would never arrive on Game of Thrones. After all, the Stark’s family promise was teased season after season, and while the weather was definitely getting colder, it was unclear whether things would ever get truly frigid. Now, it appears, they finally have. Last season’s finale signalled the official arrival of Winter from the Maesters, and it was appropriately titled “The Winds of Winter.”

While that may not seem like an enormous development, it also signals the end of an extended Summer in Westeros, one of the longest on record. This means that many of the show’s younger characters have never experienced a Winter at all, and may be somewhat ill-equipped to deal with it.

On top of that, it also signals that we’re close to the end of this story. After all, with Winter comes the arrival of the snowy enemies in the North, ones that many citizens of Westeros have been ignoring for far too long.

7 A Definitive Human Villain

Iwan Rheon as Ramsay Bolton

With Ramsay’s death toward the end of last season, Game of Thrones is suffering from something of a villain vacuum. While it’s true that there are plenty of contenders for the role of human villain, nobody seems to be at the level of Joffrey or Ramsay, who were both brutally sadistic. It’s true that Euron Greyjoy, who was introduced last season, could take that spot. He seems to be willing to fight for the Iron Islands, and he may make some headway.

Euron could also team up with Cersei, another potential villain in the next season. The pair could likely use one another, especially considering the massive invasion that Cersei is facing. Still, neither has the brutality that characterized Ramsay and Joffrey. Cersei has become a sympathetic character over the course of her six years on the show, and Euron seems to be more power hungry than he is sadistic, although we’ll see how that develops over the course of the seventh season.

6 The Sept of Baelor

Sept of Baelor Wildfire Explosion Game of Thrones Season 6 Finale

This one’s fairly obvious, but it’s worth an inclusion. Last season’s finale gave Cersei a chance to take care of all of her enemies with one fell swoop, but it also took out one of King’s Landing’s major religious hubs, The Sept of Baelor. With the destruction of this religious institution, there are few places inside of King’s Landing that its inhabitants can look to for voices of authority, besides the crown.

Now, Cersei has truly consolidated the power of the monarchy, and that means that she’s responsible for whatever happens next. For the past few seasons, the people inside of King’s Landing have been largely concerned with what happens inside the city. With the end of the Faith, it’s time for the newly anointed queen to turn her gaze outward, as she faces insurrections and invasions. No one seems particularly loyal to Cersei, especially considering the way she just decided to blow everything up.

5 Young Griff

Daenerys Targaryen sails to Westeros in Game of Thrones

While the show has been largely faithful to the books, it’s begun to diverge more from them in recent years. Some storylines have been cut out of the series altogether, and unfortunately, it looks like that will be the case with Young Griff. Fans of the books may know that in the text Varys isn’t trying to get Daenerys on the throne. He’s actually got his eyes on a different person claiming to be a Targaryen.

In the books, Young Griff, a man claiming to be Aegon Targaryen, or Rhaegar Targaryen’s son, is amassing an army to take back the throne. This only further complicates matters in the books, even as it remains unclear whether Young Griff is actually who he says he is.

Fans of the books were waiting for this storyline to appear on the show, but its moment has likely passed, and the show has decided to simplify the story by having all of Young Griff’s forces join Daenerys’s team instead.

4 A Final Ending

Lena Heady as Queen Cersei on Game of Thrones

While season 7 will bring many of the show’s biggest players closer to the end point in this story, we’re not yet ready for a definitive end. That will come at the close of season 8, which is presumably when the fight between humanity and the white walkers will take place. For now, we’ll likely have to be content with closing out many of the human stories that the show has focused on throughout its run.

Season 7 could be particularly fatal for many of the show’s major players, even considering the show’s standing reputation for killing off central figures. Characters we’ve known from the beginning could go down before all is said and done, although we don’t know who those people would be yet.

Still, even if the show chooses to ramp up its casualties next year, there will be loose plot threads that hopefully won’t be around by the time Game of Thrones reaches its final ending sometime in 2018.

3 A Slew of Recently Deceased Characters

Game of Thrones season 6 finale - Finn Jones and Natalie Dormer

As is the case for most seasons of Game of Thrones, plenty of characters bit the dust over the course of season 6-- a bunch in the finale alone. Ramsay’s death has left us without a villain, but Loras, Margaery, and the High Sparrow were also lost late in season 6 after Cersei blew up the Sept of Baelor while they were inside. With their deaths comes the loss of a lot of the intrigue in King’s Landing, and the future of the Tyrell line.

Elsewhere in King’s Landing, Cersei’s son Tommen gave us one of the year’s most well done on-screen suicides, leading to Cersei’s ascension to the throne. Walder Frey also bit the dust by Arya’s hand. These deaths alone represent a fundamental shift for the dynamics of Westeros, and not just because Cersei has taken the throne. There are now fewer power players left, and those that remain have consolidated into fewer teams than have ever existed on the show before, which means that the final battle lines have been drawn.

2 Lady Stoneheart

Lady Catelyn at the Red Wedding

Fans keep wondering when this book favorite will pop up on the show, but it may be time to put an end to the speculation. The character, who’s a reanimated version of Catelyn Stark’s corpse, shows up at the end of the third book in George R.R. Martin’s saga, shortly after the Red Wedding. Now, avid fans of the show will note that it’s been several seasons since the Red Wedding, and there’s been no sign of the character, who spends her time roaming the countryside and taking revenge on a wide variety of targets.

Some of that role seems to have been taken on by Arya, who is currently running around in the Riverlands taking revenge on her enemies. Michelle Fairley, the actor who played Catelyn for the show’s first three seasons, is currently busy on another period drama, The White Princess, so it doesn’t seem as though she would have time to reprise her role. All this suggests the character, who’s quite popular in the books, won’t ever make it into the show.

1 Miguel Sapochnik's Direction

Jon Snow White Walker Game of Thrones

The two most visually dazzling episodes in last season’s run almost certainly won't be replicated in season 7. That’s in large part because of the direction of Miguel Sapochnick, who many believe is the most talented director in the show’s roster. The man clearly knows how to construct a deeply exciting sequence, whether that sequences comes in the middle of a battle, as it did during the Battle of the Bastards and at Hardhome, or whether it comes in the form of a mesmerizing and carefully edited sequence, like the one that opens the season 6 finale.

Unfortunately, Sopochnik will not be on any Game of Thrones episodes this season. Instead, the upcoming season will feature returns from several other directors who have worked on the show, including Jeremy Podeswa and Alan Taylor. Because both seasons are shortened, the showrunners may have decided to save Sopochnik for the final season, where his talents can be utilized to their fullest effect one last time.


Is there anything else from Game of Thrones that you don't expect to see in season 7? Let us know in the comments!

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