Game of Thrones Season 6 Trailer to Air on HBO with Vinyl Premiere

Maisie Williams in Game of Thrones Season 6

Send a raven. The #GoTSeason6 tease will air this Sunday at 8:59PM ET before @VinylHBO

(WARNING: You will be teased)

— Game Of Thrones (@GameOfThrones) February 12, 2016

While many around the world are preparing for Valentine’s Day with chocolates and flowers, HBO and Game of Thrones have their own plans for the holiday. Even though Game of Thrones isn’t the most romantic show around, the premium cable channel is showing fans a little extra love this Sunday with a special teaser of what’s to come for season 6.

The Game of Thrones Twitter account has been active lately, tweeting out new photos from the sixth season, which have also been released on the Making Game of Thrones website. Along with the battle banner teasers of House Stark, Lannister, and Targaryen, the show has been slowly introducing what’s to come for the show and its many characters; and, unsurprisingly, the results doesn’t look pretty. So far, the marketing for season 6 has slowly revealed a bloody future all those still locked in the brutal game of thrones, and even revealed the resurgence of a few familiar faces along the way, like Bran Stark, who sat out the previous season.

Today, the Game of Thrones Twitter account has piled on the season 6 excitement with the announcement that a new teaser will be released right before the Vinyl premiere at 9pm EST. In addition to the announcement, the tweet included a 10 second teaser, which included the House of Black and White:

Maisie Williams in Game of Thrones Season 6

The tweet made no mention of whether there will be actual footage from the season. Although, unlike the previous marketing schemes, it seems likely the teaser will seek to entice viewers with something to get them primed for what lies ahead. Given that tweet showed the House of Black and White, there may be some Arya-related footage waiting for those who tune in.

However, marketing for Game of Thrones has always been especially ominous and rarely reveals too much before the season starts. It may specially secretive this year as now the show has, for the most part, caught up to the books and may start spoiling events even the most devoted reader of George R.R. Martin's tale aren't yet familiar with. That might put HBO is something of a tricky spot, as most everyone is in the dark with regard to what's to come, but, then again, marketing for the show is in a rare position where it doesn't actually have to actively convince anyone to watch -- because, let's face it, everyone who is going to is already planning to. So, really, the purpose of the teaser is to encourage more people to stay on the channel when Vinyl comes on.

Although it is unlikely that Game of Thrones fans will get the answers to their most burning questions, the teaser on Sunday will sure to excite fans for the season 6 premiere this April.

Game of Thrones returns for season 6 on Sunday, April 24 on HBO.

Source: Game of Thrones

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