Game of Thrones Season 6: Downton Abbey Actor Cast as Randyll Tarly

Game Of Thrones season 6 has cast James Faulkner (Downton Abbey) as Randyll Tarly, Sam's stern and iron-willed father.

James Faulkner in Downton Abbey

House Tully. House Baratheon. House Targaryen. While there are many things to love about Game of Thrones, perhaps it is the storied family histories and rich rivalries within the noble houses of the seven kingdom that drench the show in most detail and intrigue. Some houses -- like the Starks and the Lannisters -- are well developed, boasting multiple protagonists, while others are only mentioned in passing, often to be introduced later.

It seems that House Tarly of Horn Hill will be the next family tapestry explored, as Sam "The Slayer" Tarly -- accompanied by Gilly and young Sam -- continues his journey to become a maester. Reportedly, his travels will bring him back to his home, which affords us a chance to reveal the news that three more actors have been cast as Sam's immediate family, including his notoriously tough father, Randyll.

According to a report by Watchers on the Wall, James Faulkner (Downton Abbey) has been cast in Game of Thrones Season 6 as Randyll Tarly, Sam's strict and iron-willed father. He is joined by Rebecca Benson (Macbeth) and Samantha Spiro (From Hell), who will be playing Sam's sister and mother, respectively. Rounding out the family tree is UnREAL star Freddie Stroma, who has already been cast as Sam’s brother, Dickon, who is the opposite of Sam in almost every way, including being an actual fighter and having the love of his father.

John Bradley as Samwell Tarly in Game of Thrones Season 5

This will likely be a cool and strained reunion. Sam joined the Night's Watch at the behest of his father, who resented him for not being a warrior and did not want him to stand in the way of Dickon -- his youngest -- inheriting the family title. Sam's choice was either The Wall, or his father would kill him and make it look like a hunting accident. His mother and sister have not been discussed much in the show, though in the books his mother is mentioned and their relationship sounds far more nurturing. At one point during A Feast For Crows, Sam reflects that his mother may actually be proud of the man he has become.

It seems likely Sam will be returning to his family home in an effort to keep Gilly safe, while he goes off to study. The two may even attempt to pass off young Sam as their own child. There is no telling how this will be received, but based on almost every family reunion we've seen, it's a good bet that it will not end well for anyone.

Game of Thrones season 6 is expected to premiere on HBO in spring 2016.

Source: Watchers on the Wall

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