Game of Thrones Season 7 Production Teaser & Blooper Reel

Game of Thrones Season 7

Fans of Game of Thrones were dismayed recently to learn that the show's seventh season had been delayed until summer 2017. To make matters worse, the new season would only have seven episodes in it instead of the usual 10. The delays were blamed at least in part on the weather, which oddly enough had been too nice for filming of the new season to begin.

That doesn't mean that work hasn't started on the season, however. HBO announced that the new season of Game of Thrones was currently in production with a video giving fans a behind-the-scenes glimpse of what goes into the series and a few hints at things that may be important later on.

The video premiered during the Game of Thrones panel at San Diego Comic-Con and showed both key scenes from season 6 and the crew hard at work preparing for season 7. Offering glimpses of the crew assembling set pieces and preparing various items for use by the cast, it offered little hints for keen-eyed fans as to what we can expect in the season ahead. Some of the callbacks to season 6 seemed rather ominous, though, including a few hints the fan theory that Sansa Stark is pregnant with Ramsay Bolton's child might in fact be true.

Of course, the serious and epic tone of the production video doesn't mean that it's all work and no play on the Game of Thrones set. A second video that premiered during the panel showed off some of the bloopers that were caught during the filming of season 6, including quite a few problems with the word "benevolent." This video strikes a sharp contrast to the other, since despite the intensity of the show it seems that the cast really does know how to have fun. (Be warned, there's a bit of NSFW language in the video.)

The two videos worked well to balance each other out, since the somber tone of the first is lightened by the humor in the second. The fact that they both come from the same show is probably a testament both to the skill of the actors and the power of the show's writing. It's a rare show indeed that can have that much pain and betrayal onscreen and then cut to the cast and crew laughing at mistakes in the delivery of those lines.

Unfortunately, these new videos won't make the next season of the show arrive any faster. If there's any consolation it comes in knowing that the hard work the crew is putting in now will pay off when Game of Thrones finally makes it back next summer. Until then, at least we have a few tantalizing glimpses of the next season to keep us guessing what's to come.

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Game of Thrones returns in the summer of 2017.

Source: HBO

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