20Bran Gets Pushed

A Young Bran Stark Watches a Beheading in Game of Thrones

For newcomers to Game of Thrones, the pilot episode presented a fairly ho-hum depiction of a fantasy drama. Other than the violent introduction of the White Walkers, the show seemed like a heightened version of an Medieval-era story. With morally upright people like Ned Stark and a boisterous Henry

VIII-like Robert Baratheon, our first hour in Westeros felt fairly welcoming.

Then, the unexpected happened to the most undeserving of all. In a one-two punch of unexpectedly witnessing Jaime and Cersei's incestuous relationship, then watching an innocent Bran get pushed and paralyzed by the Lannister brother, we realized Game of Thrones meant business. Things are never quite as they seem, and more importantly, no one is safe. Especially not the children.

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