Game Of Thrones: 20 Most Attractive Characters, Ranked

There's no doubt that Game of Thrones has a cast of attractive-looking characters. Though the show is mainly focuses on epic battles, politics, and various characters' POVs, there are some characters who we can't help but gawk at.

It's up for debate who the most attractive character is. Some fans would argue that characters with intelligence and wit are the most attractive, while others are drawn by the character's ambition. For this article, the title says it all, so we’re ranking characters purely based on their appeal.

If we were to judge each character based on looks, then we would probably be including the entire cast of the series. Instead, we researched each and every character and ranked them based on personality and their overall attributes.

For example, Renly Baratheon, although handsome, is ranked based on his kind deposition and charisma in the show. Not all of them are strictly in Westeros or tied to nobility, such as Melisandre or Grey Worm. There are plenty of hot characters beyond the Narrow Sea, ranging from kings to common folks, and we're here to set the record straight on who the hottest Game of Thrones character is.

Here are the 20 Most Attractive Game Of Thrones Characters, Ranked.

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20 Renly Baratheon

Starting off at number twenty, Renly Baratheon’s charm and charisma won the support of the Tyrells and Highgarden’s most eligible bachelor Loras Tyrell. Additionally, many bannermen favored the youngest Baratheon instead of his older brother Stannis, not because of his great looks, but because of his kind deposition and positive morale, which he used to rally the troops to his side.

Before the War of the Five Kings, Renly fought under Robert during Robert’s Rebellion, but was far from the war field and stayed at Storms End. The “nice” king was never much of a fighter on the field, mostly because he was scared of even the slightest drop of blood.

However, he understood court politics better than Ned Stark. During Robert’s final hours, Renly advised Ned to remove Joffrey before Cersei Lannister could react, a move which could have saved Ned’s life and stopped the Cersei’s children from succession.

19 Melisandre

Melisandre (from Asshai)

We know about her true form, but Melisandre is still smoking hot as the red-haired priest from Asshai. Her powers are equally mysterious-- she can make shadow babies and bring people back from the dead.

The mysterious aura around her intrigues others. However, there's much to be cautious about. For example, Ser Davos is terrified of her tendency to burn people or speak of blood kings. While some men fear her, others are drawn into her magic and are intrigued by what she has to offer. Everywhere she goes, her mystifying aura follows.

The red priestess' beauty even attracted Stannis, a militant commander who spent most of his time brooding in the corner of any place he traveled to. She can speak about the Lord of Light for days on end, and we still wouldn’t mind her age or the long list of people she has burned as offerings to her Lord– except Shireen, that was a major turnoff.

18 Talisa Stark

Talisa Stark, the young Volantian lady who won Rob Stark’s heart, may not have a striking beauty, but once we learn about her and her past, we can’t help but be entranced.

As a Volantian Noblewoman, it was expected that she would marry another great nobleman since the Volantian houses place emphasis on noble blood due to their practice of slavery. However, that all changed when her brother drowned and a slave pushed her aside– a crime punishable by death– to resuscitate her brother.

It was this act of kindness that motivated Talisa to study medicine and move to a land that forbade slavery. Her services under Robb’s banner saved countless lives. She helped so many Starks and Lannisters that Robb couldn’t ignore her, and it was her wit and courage that won our hearts.

Talisa could hold her ground against the King of the North and was not afraid to point out Robb’s bad choices throughout the series.

17 Ellaria Sand

Ellaria Sand in Game of Thrones

Ellaria Sand embodies the Dornish way of life; she is  a powerful, adventurous, and free-spirited woman with a sharp tongue. Ellaria certainly can give anyone a good time. Her elegance and liberating ideas allow her to draw people close to her, before she is able to move in for the kill.

It’s no wonder Oberyn invited her to join with him to sail for Westeros. She can certainly help pass the time and bring the Westeros’ genteel culture down to its knees with a bit of Dornish wiles. She’s the mother of four Sand Snakes, with Tyene Sand being her cherished daughter who joined with the rest of Oberyn’s Sand Sisters.

Ellaria Sand isn’t just a paramour to Oberyn; she’s a capable ruler and has Cersei’s vengeful side, and is thus willing to strike anyone who dares hurt her family. After Oberyn’s death, she’s capable of killing Doran and Trystane for their lackluster rule, and is also willing to murder Myrcella to fuel the bloody feud between the two great families.

16 Daario Naharis (Seasons 4-6)

Daario Naharis Game of Thrones

As the scruffy suitor from the Second Sons, Daario Naharis easily charmed the Khaleesi as the loveable rogue who tries to lighten the mood when things go awry.

Daenerys flat out rejects him, but that doesn't stop Daario wooing back the Mother of Dragons. He accepted the fact that she would take another man in her bedchambers to forged peace with the Sons of the Harpy, since her queenly duties require her to forge a political marriage to ease tensions. He even acknowledged Ser Jorah’s affection for her at the end of season six.

Daenerys very nearly fell in love with Daario, but soon had to throw him under the bus. Although a great charmer, Daario’s advisement is not without bloodshed. In the middle of her reign in Meereen, he suggested that Daenerys should just kill the former Slave Masters at the Colosseum and get on with the ruling. For a second, even the famous Daenerys was appalled by Daario’s suggestions.

15 Grey Worm

He may not be a charmer like Daario, but the stoic and silent personality is what we love most about Grey Worm. Sure, Grey Worm doesn’t have his stones and pillars, but that doesn’t mean he’s not the manliest character in the series.

As a silent stoic, Grey Worm has fought under Queen Daenerys and has even become her most trusted commander of the army. Missandei falls for him, and who wouldn’t? (Though in the books, this doesn’t happen.)

He’s not the most expressive, but when he does share a bit of happiness in the later seasons-- especially the when he’s telling jokes and smiles when Missandei laughs-- he’s adorable, and we can't help but smile with him.

Although he’s a eunuch, Grey Worm can spear down a Lannister footmen without a second thought. He is a devoted warrior whose loyalty is unquestioned.

14 Lyanna Stark

Jon inherited his mother's beauty, and there’s no way we’re ignoring the most significant character in the show, and the one who completes the equation that fans have speculated for at least a decade. Despite her limited screen time, the characters spoke fondly of Lyanna. Maege Mormont named her daughter after her, and Robert Baratheon still couldn’t get over her death at the Tower of Joy.

Although we see fairly little of Lyanna Stark, she still played an important role in the series, and book fans would know of her great importance prior to the events in the A Song of Ice and Fire series. In the show, she’s Jon Snow’s mother, while Ned, the honorable man as he was, kept his promise to never speak about Jon's lineage.

Many other characters spun tales of Lyanna’s love affair with Rhaegar. Some believed that Rhaegar had sexually assaulted her and that she was a victim, whereas the Martells weren’t thrilled about Rhaegar falling for another woman.

The turning point was when Rhaegar, offered a crown of winter roses, proclaiming her the Queen of Love and Beauty, after the tourney. This triggered plenty of outrage by nobles, and it was Rhaegar’s gift that started the downfall of the Targaryen rule.

13 Gendry

Gendry in Game of Thrones

We're still waiting for him to start rowing back into season 7. Gendry needs to return and reclaim his seat as Lord of Storms End, since the Baratheon line is pretty much dead. Stannis and Renly are gone and Joffrey has uprooted the rest of Robert's bastard children. Ned sees Gendry as a striking image of a young Robert Baratheon. It's implied that young Robert was a handsome man before he took the Iron Throne and gained some extra weight.

The loveable blacksmith caught our eyes during the first three seasons, and there are many reasons to like him. He's an honest man and looked out for his friends while they were prisoners at Harrenhal.

Last time we saw him, the Bull was sent away under Davos order to prevent Melisandre from hurting the young lad again, which happened in season 3. It's been four seasons, and some fans are starting to believe that the writers dropped his storyline. However, Time has hinted that Gendry may return this season after a few people spotted him in Belfast. Hopefully the first scene we see him isn't him rowing in the middle of the sea as if he's in the Life of Pi.

12 Ygritte

Ygritte in the sack of Moles Town in Game of Thrones

Ygritte knew a lot more than Jon Snow. As a member of the Free Folk, she shared their ferocity and believed that the southerners are fool people who bend the knee to a king with noble blood, rather than nominate a better leader. Her free-spirited personality and independence were loveable qualities and are some of the many reasons why she's on this list.

She's was proficient archer, capable of shooting down foes– or lovers-- in an instant. Not only that, but she was probably also the only sensible woman who understands the real threat beyond the Wall. Ygritte believed that Wildlings and the Northerner wars were needless since they are both descended from the First Men. Instead, the two sides should unite as one and fight against the White Walkers.

It's a shame she never made it past season 4, but Jon took her words and forged an alliance with the Wildlings and Northerners in preparation for the Long Winter.

11 Missandei

Despite her limited screen time, Missandei has left a great impression on viewers. Her extensive knowledge of 19 languages is highly impressive, and no matter what we do, we can't seem to ignore her intelligence and beauty. While she started off as a minor character, Missandei has emerged as an invaluable confidant to Daenerys, offering her knowledge and insight about the slave cities.

Her personal character arc went on to include Grey Worm, of whom she cares deeply. As they learn more about their past lives, the two grow closer, sharing their feelings despite the awkward problems they face in their new relationship that leave them both vulnerable.

Initially, the creators of the show didn’t expect Missandei and Grey Worm's relationship to blossom on-screen, but it began to happen as the filmmakers allowed the two characters to develop. Now, their romance is one of many plot lines that fans look forward to in this season.

10 Cersei Lannister

Westeros isn’t without its power hungry characters who want nothing but to seize the throne.

While Jaime loves Cersei Lannister despite her intensity and craziness, no one else in Kings Landing would particularly agree with him. Most wouldn’t see the appeal because, for nearly six seasons, we’ve seen Cersei as one of the big villains on the show due to her terrible ruling skills. However, this didn't stop us from liking her.

Her looks aren't the only reason why she's attractive-- she is ruthless and incredibly confident. Cersei is just one of Game of Thrones' characters who we love to hate, as she is highly capable of ruling Westeros and putting down anyone who stands in her way.

She may be the one person we despise the most at the moment, but as a prime antagonist, she just does it so well. With nothing to hold her back, she outmaneuvers Daenerys and Tyrion's plan, gets her revenge on Mrycella's death, and takes down the Tyrells.

Even if she has ruined 90 percent of the great houses in Westeros, she looks good doing it.

9 Sansa Stark

Sansa Stark has come a long way; she started as an oblivious Summer child who dreamt of the south, and has transformed into a mature Lady of Winterfell.

Her entire story arc is one tragedy after the next. Her father was beheaded in front of her, her brother and mother were victims of the Red Wedding, and she was forced to marry Ramsey Bolton. Fans hope that the Starks can finally break their misfortune, and that this season will see the Starks returning to their former glory.

Currently, Sansa stands as the Leader of Winter during Jon's absence and has proven herself to be an effective ruler, no thanks to Cersei and Littlefinger's guidance.

Like her mother, Sansa has Catelyn's foresight in court politics to balance out Jon's ineffective policies. Despite all of the ill-treatment, Sansa still remains a compassionate ruler who would do whatever is necessary to protect the Stark family– and this kind of strength is admirable.

Her days of believing in fairy tales are over... afterall, winter is coming.

8 Robb Stark

Richard Madden as Robb Stark in Game of Thrones

Robb Stark put honor above all else. He was a respectable man who was against violence and, instead, prefered to find reasons and justifications before attacking. Born in the harsh cold of the North, Robb was a handsome lad who carried his father’s ethics, valuing justice above pragmatism, which attracted plenty of houses to join his cause, not to mention other ladies who wouldn’t mind taking his hand in marriage.

It wasn’t until Ned Stark’s death that the narrative shift focused on Robb Stark leading the bannermen to fight in a war against the Lannisters. For two seasons, we rooted for the Young Wolf to avenge Ned and lay waste to Kingslanding, and it’s expected that he would get his revenge, or so the traditional narrative would go. However, this didn’t turn out as planned after the Red Wedding.While Renly Baratheon favored court politics, Robert was the opposite side of the coin, proven to be a seasoned warrior but a terrible policy maker.

7 Loras Tyrell

Finn Jones as Loras Tyrell in Game of Thrones

High Garden’s Loras Tyrell was a heartthrob to the ladies of the South. Loras fashioned himself as the Knight of Flowers, a seasoned tourney fighter. He trained like the rest of Southern warriors, and become a heroic knight from the fairy tales that young noble girls would gush over.

He was not a brawny warrior, but instead, a romantic noble. Sansa was taken by his chivalric notions and he soon became the ideal knight from her dreams. No one in court would deny his handsome looks. If anyone would disagree, Renly Baratheon would perhaps offer to challenge them.

On the surface, Loras was gracious to his fellow peers and the model nobleman in Royal Court. However, he wasn't without his flaws, as a popular man and the heir to the Tyrells seat, his father spoiled him with lavish armor sets and he practically had everything he ever wanted given to him. Still, only a few eligible bachelors can match his handsome locks.

6 Jaime Lannister

Coming in at number six, Jaime Lannister started as a typical spoiled Lannister who we initially despised, but after losing his hand and befriending Brienne of Tarth, we began to empathized with the one-handed Kingslayer.

His adventures with Brienne gave him time to reflect on his past mistakes, and as we learned more and more about his life, his character grew on us and we begin to root for the guy, because Jamie isn't actually all that bad.

He had the qualities and aspirations of a good knight, but guarding the Mad King took a toll on him, as he was forced to watch good, honorable men be  burned alive and other "honorable" Kingsguard condone the king's actions. Aery's reign disillusioned Jaime, and his complex views of morality were often contested throughout the show, showing a deeper side to his character.

With the war going on, Jaime should probably listen the Queen of Shade and get away from Cersei as soon as possible.

5 Jon Snow

Jon Snow is a man who knows nothing, not even his lineage, and is always hiding in some corner, brooding. (Even Tyrion had to admit, Jon was better at brooding than him.)

He climbs to the top five of this list because of his strong sense of honor, yet that's not the only attribute. He grew up treated as a young lord, but knew of his situation and avoided any attempts to claim the seat of Winterfell. He carries Ned's noble traits despite being a bastard and shares a moral compass with him. He stands up for the weak and displays mercy to respectable men from opposing sides.

While other noblemen are fighting for the Iron Throne, Jon sees the whole picture and cares far more about the people than about the king who sits on the chair. His humility and courtesy are the reason why the Northenfolk proclaim him the King of the North. The people believe in him and rally to his side because of his determination to fight for them.

4 Margaery Tyrell

Margaery Tyrell played by Natalie Dormer in mourning on Game of Thrones

Margaery Tyrell knew how to play the game well in Kings Landing. She outsmarted Cersei whilst seizing the crown twice, with her second betrothal to King Tommen. Her ability to adapt to ever-changing situations, as well as her wit, are both unmatched, which is expected from Lady Olenna's protégée.

While Sansa couldn't control Joffrey, Margaery turned the relationship around, and it was Joffrey who followed her advisement. The forced marriage soon favored Margaery. She reorganized the monarch rule, and with the help of her family, Margaery stood as the ideal queen, well-loved by the people, which was something that Cersei lacked during Joffrey's reign.

Were it not for the gender roles at Kings Landing, she could have been Queen Regent and the people would have prospered under her rule. She was known for her manipulation, but beneath the court politics, Margaery had a good heart. She befriended Sansa who had no one at her side at the time, and even helped arrange Sansa's escape from Kings Landing.

3 Khal Drogo

Jason Mamoa as Dothraki Khal Drago in Game of Thrones

He was muscular, fierce and a fan-favorite. Khal Drogo was one hunk that no one should mess with. We couldn’t forget the great Khal Drogo, the famed Dothraki who had the biggest khalasar in known history.

Drogo saw to it that only the most beautiful woman would become his Khaleesi. His brawn and ferocity proved his worth on the battlefield, but in the tent, he proved to be a loyal husband to his wife and displayed a gentler side that we were shocked to see.

What really sold Dany and Drogo’s relationship-- despite the fact that it was an arranged marriage-- was Drogo’s growing respect for Dany as their marriage blossomed into a marriage of two equals. ( In the books, he never touched her until she reciprocated.)

As she learns to adapt to her role as Khaleesi, Drogo learns more about her world beyond the poisoned sea and eventually agrees with her plan to go beyond the sea and take the throne.

2 Oberyn Martell

Oberyn brought life to Westeros when he arrived to attend King Joffrey's wedding, and the noble ladies immediately began to swoon over him. He's hands down one of the most handsome characters, and his Dornish accent when he speaks the Common Tongue is alluring.

Aside from his good looks, he's proven to be an efficient warrior. During his younger years, Oberyn spent time at the Citadel and forged a few maester links, and could have become a maester if he dedicated his life to it– but settling wasn't his way of life. Oberyn lived to experience everything the world has to offer.

Oberyn was all about adventures and believed that one should live life to the fullest. He had traveled across the seas, befriended fellow sellswords, and even fought for a mercenary company for awhile. It's that kind of spontaneity and courage that we loved about Oberyn, and make it all the more harder to get past his death in season four.

1 Daenerys Targaryen

It was inevitable for Daenerys Targaryen to take the top spot on this list. After all, she is the Mother of Dragons, Khaleesi, the Unburnt, the Breaker of Chains, Rastafarian Targaryen, or whatever fans and the show characters would prefer to call her. Khal Drogo sought after the most beautiful woman in the world to be his Khaleesi and he was right to choose Daenerys. (Ser Jorah would agree as well.)

In the books and show, Daenerys has met a number of suitors who are intrigued and impressed by her accomplishments, as well as with her dragons. Hence, the long-winded titles are proof of her achievements. Before she was just Daenerys Stormborn of House Targaryen, but in a span of a few years, she has accomplished plenty.

Initially, Daenerys was timid, but the Dothraki way of life embolden her to lead her people. After Drogo's death, she made the decision to lead her khalasar on the path to reclaim her throne. From the beginning, we've been waiting for her to sail across the sea and take the Iron Throne.


What do you think? Who do you think the most attractive character is on Game of Thrones? No one's opinion is wrong. Let us know in the comment section!

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